30kV VLF Test Set
HVLF-30kV Portable VLF Test Set
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HVLF-30kV Portable VLF Test Set

Lead time: 30days

Mode: HVLF-30kV
Rated Voltage/current: 30kV/20mA (Peak)

There are many conventional alias for ultra-low frequency HV generator, such as ultra-low frequency withstand voltage tester and ultra-low frequency voltage withstanding test device. Although names are different, it is actually ultra-low frequency high voltage generator or to take ultra-low frequency generator as the core equipment together with other components to do high voltage test.

With the combination of advanced technology of modern digital conversion, the 0.1Hz VLF series remote-control ultra-low frequency HV generator uses the microcomputer to control the equipment, realizing full automatic raising, reducing, measurement and protection. In addition, human intervention is allowed during the process of automatic voltage rising. The volume is small and the weight is light. With clear and intuitive LCD, the output waveforms are displayed and the printer outputs test reports. The design fully conforms to the industry standard - General Technical Conditions of the Special Test Instruments for Power Equipment Part IV: General Technical Conditions for Ultra-low Frequency HV Generator. Now at home and abroad  mechanical means are used to perform modulation and demodulation of the ultra-low frequency signals, so some problems come into being. For example, sin waveform is not standardized; the measurement error is large; part of high voltage has spark discharge; the equipment is heavy; the whole power of equipment is large. This product can overcome such shortcomings.

30kV portable VLF Test Set 30kV portable VLF Test Set

30kV portable VLF Test Set 30kV portable VLF Test Set

Load Carrying Capacity: 

Controller: 5kg
Booster: 25kg

Technical parameters: 
1. Output voltage ratings: See Details of Table 1
2. Output frequency: 0.1Hz, 0.05Hz, 0.02Hz
3. Measurement accuracy: 3%
4. Positive and negative voltage peak errors:  ≤ 3%
5. Voltage wave form distortion: ≤ 5%
6. Use condition: indoor and outdoor; temperature: -10℃∽+40℃   Humidity: ≤ 85%RH
7. Power: AC50Hz, 220V ±5%
8. Power supply fuse tube: 5A

Wiring Method of Single booster connection:

Wiring Method of Single booster connection


1. Through sampling from the high voltage side, the current, voltage, and waveform data are directly obtained, so the data is real and accurate.
2. Overvoltage protection: when the output voltage exceeds a set value, the instrument will stop and act. The action time is less than 20 milliseconds.
3. Overcurrent protection: High or low voltage double protection, accurate protection for high side according to the set value.
4. It will stop when the current exceeds the limit at the low voltage side. The action time is less than 20 milliseconds.
5. The HV output protection resistor is built in the voltage-boosting body so there is no need to connect the resistor externally.
6. Thanks to the high and low voltage negative feedback loop control circuit, so there is no rise effect for output.

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