80KV HCL7808 Oil Dielectric Test Set
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80KV HCL7808 Oil Dielectric Test Set

Lead time: 30 days

Mode: 80KV HCL7808

Applied Standard: 
IEC 61000-4-2 Test Standard for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Immunity
BS EN 60247:2004 Insulating liquids—Measurement of relative permittivity,dielectric dissipation factor(tan δ) and d.c.resistivity
IEC 61620-1998 Insulating liquids - Determination of the dielectric dissipation factor by measurement of the conductance and capacitance - Test method
BS 5737-1979 Method for the measurement of relative permittivity, dielectric dissipation factor and DC resistivity of insulating liquids
LVD 2014/35/EU (Low Voltage)
EMC Directive  2014/30/EU (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
EN 61010-1-2010 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use
EN 61326-1-2013 Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use – EMC requirements

HCL7808 Series of Oil/Liquid Dielectric AC test sets provide repeatable and accurate measurement of the breakdown voltage of insulating fluids used in transformers, circuit breakers, bushings, capacitors, etc. It is rugged, reliable, and designed with field use in mind.(ASTM D877, D1816, IEC 156 and GB/T507 DL429.9)

Three motorized rates of rise: uo to 3000V per second , adjustable LCD displayer Light weight, suitable for on-site use Generate pure sin wave, enable user get a more stable voltage Voltage raising speed and testing time are selectable Print the test report automatically Arc detection with automatic shutdown  Zero Start safety and test chamber interlock provision  One-piece portable design Window panel for test observation  Failure indicator  Accessory outlet located within test chamber  Simple controls  High strength on anti-interference
Test Cells: Himalayal offers 60kV, 80kV and 100kV test cells capable of testing to ASTM D877 and D1816 and IEC 156 and GB/T507 DL429.9 standards.

80KV HCL7808 Oil Dielectric Test Set 80KV HCL7808 Oil Dielectric Test Set

60KV HCL7808 Oil Dielectric Test Set 60KV HCL7808 Oil Dielectric Test Set 

Technical Parameters: 
Input 220V ±10%, 50/60Hz  Max power consumption: 500VA Set 5A fuse for protection. Output: 0-60kVac, 0-80kVac 0-100kVac Standard: IEC 156, ASTM D1816, ASTM D877, GB/T507 DL429.9 Gap gauges available: 1mm / 2mm / 2.5mm (Its adjustable.) Oil volume : 400ml Testing times : 1-6 times (adjustable) Resolution: 0.1kV Voltage raising speed: 1kV/s, 2kV/s, 3kV/s (adjustable) Strring time: 10s (0-9s adjustable) Quiescent time: 15 min (0-59min adjustable) Spacing interval: 3-5 min (0-9min adjustable) Measurement error: ≤1.5% Operating temperature: 5℃~40℃ Relative humidity: ≤85% Dimension: 320x435x350mm Weight: 25Kg
Warranty: one year.

Cleaning method of oil cup
(1)Repeatedly wipe the surface of the electrode surface and the electrode bar with clean silk.
(2)Adjust the distance between the electrodes well with the standard ruler.
(3)Clean three times with petroleum ether (other organic solvents are prohibited), following methods must be followed in each time:
Pour petroleum ether into the oil cup, occupied 1/4~1/3 capacity of the oil cup.
Cover the oil cup opening with a glass plate which is cleaned with petroleum ether, swag evenly for one minute. Please have certain strength.
Pour petroleum ether out, dry for 2~3 minutes with a blower.
(4)Clean with pending tested oil sample for 2~3 times.
Pour pending tested oil sample into the oil cup, occupied about 1/4~1/3 capacity.
Cover the oil cup with the dried glass plate, swag evenly for 1~2minutes, please have a certain strength.
Pour out the remained oil sample, then carry out withstand voltage test.

Cleaning method of stirring paddle: 
(1)Repeatedly wipe the stirring paddle with clean silk until no fine particle exists on the surface. Touching the surface of the stirring paddle with hand is prohibited.
(2)Clamp the stirring paddle with a nipper, immerse in petroleum ether for repeated washing.
(3)Clamp the stirring paddle with nipper, dry it up with hot wind.
(4)Clamp the stirring paddle with nipper, immerse in the pending tested oil sample for repeated washing. 

Storage of oil cup:  
Method 1: Fully fill the oil cup with insulation oil in high quality after the testing is completed, store the oil cup in a case,lock the case cover.
Method 2: Place in vacuum drier for storage after dried up and cleaned following above method.
Note : The oil cup and the stirring paddle must be cleaned following above methods before first testing and after testing of oil in bad quality.

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