AC DC Divider
HVF/AC-DC 150KV/50pF/600MΩ AC DC Voltage Divider
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HVF/AC-DC 150KV/50pF/600MΩ AC DC Voltage Divider

Lead time: 20days

Mode: HVF/AC-DC 150KV/50pF/600MΩ
Rated Voltage: 150kV                                                   Temperature coefficient: <0.0005
Frequency: 60Hz /50Hz                                                Cooling: ONAN
Capacitance: 50pF                                                        Resistance: 600MΩ
Nominal AC Dividing Ratio: 1500:1                           Nominal DC Dividing Ratio: 1500:1
Output voltage to Peak Voltmeter pV2-1 is 100V.
Measuring Accuracy: ≤±1.5%
Dielectric Loss <0.5%                                                   Allowed Operating Time: working for 30 min under 100% rated voltage and current
Test Voltage for divider: max 165kV.
Peak voltmeter for AC/DC is not included.
Dimension: φ140/φ5-0×1500
Weight: <50kg

*1. The price not inlude  peak voltmeter, which can measure ac and dc voltage, both voltage ratio are setable in the device.
*2. Our matching peak voltmeter is 1MΩ impedance, if User has transient recorder with similar impedance, can also work thoghter with our divider; in this way, there is no need to use the peak voltmeter.
*3. ISO17025 Certificated can be supplied with extra fee.
*4. The divider if send via airplane will involve dangerous cargo inspection, as inside of the divider there is insulation oil. The inspection will take around one week, so when you order the divider, please take account of it.

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