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HCTT 100KV/50KVA Test Transformer
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HCTT 100KV/50KVA Test Transformer

Lead time: 45 days

Mode: HCTT 100KV/50KVA
Cylinder type                                                                    Exciting current: 119A                                                            
Single phase                                                                      HV current: 0.5A
Frequency: 50Hz                                                               Cooling methods: ONAN
Rated Capacity: 50kVA                                                     No-load current ≤10%
Rated input voltage: 0.42kV                                             Waveform deviation ≤5%
HV winding: 100kV                                                            Waveform deviation ≤5%
PD Level:<2pC at 100%UH of complete test system

Over-current capability: Working for 300s allowed at 150%In, not cause any damage to transformer winding and insulation.
Over-voltage capability: Working for 60s allowed at 110% rated current, not cause any damage to transformer insulation.
Insulation level: withstand 3kV/min (Low voltage input ending to ground)
Working time: working 60 min under 100% rated voltage; Continuous working allowed at 80% rated current & voltage; and temperature rise of transformer winding is less than 65K, temperature rise of oil surface is less than 55K. 
Weight: 200kg (approx.)

HCTT 100KV/50KVA  Test Transformer HCTT 100KV/50KVA  Test Transformer

HCTT 100KV/50KVA  Test Transformer HCTT 100KV/50KVA  Test Transformer
Transformer Oil: 
25# transformer oil is from Karamay Refinery. The oil indicator can reach the oil level for 500KV transformers. Factory test of test transformer should use new transformer oil supplying with transformers and perform oil inspection before or after factory test. Oil inspection report should be provided when the transformer delivered filled with oil. Quality of transformer oil should meet the requirements of SH0040-91, GB2536-90, GB7595-87, SD187-86, Class II A of IEC-296 standards. Components PCB are prohibited in the oil. When doing acceptance test on-site, the oil performance should satisfy the following requirements: DGA analysis of total hydrocarbons less than 10 mg/L, the breakdown voltage of the oil should not be less than 65kV/2.5mm, dielectric loss(90°C) is not more than 0.3%, water content is not more than 10mg /L, the gas content is not more than 1%.

Principle Diagram: 

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