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HIVG 2200KV-110KJ Impulse Voltage Generator
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HIVG 2200KV-110KJ Impulse Voltage Generator

Lead time: 120 days

Mode: HIVG 2200KV-110KJ

Related Standards: 
* IEC 60060-1-2010 High-voltage test techniques - Part 1: General definitions and test requirements
* IEC 60060-2-2010 High-voltage test techniques. Part 2: Measuring systems
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* ANSI/IEEE 1122-2007 Digit Recorders for Measurements in High-Voltage Impulse Tests
* ASTM D69-D2484 Electrical Insulation ()
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Technical Parameters: 
1) Rated voltage: ±2200KV
2) Rated stage voltage: 200KV
3) Stages: 11
4) Impulse capacity: 0.0454uF (single impulse capacitor: 1uF/100KV, 22sets in total)
5) Rated energy: 110KJ
6) Synchronization range: ≥20%
7) Synchronous firing out of control rate: <2%
8) The minimum output voltage: ≥15% Un
9) Sparking range: 15% to 100%
10) The instability of the charging voltage: <± 1%
11) Divider Measurement uncertainty: £ 1%
12) Working time:
       > 2/3 rated voltage, every 90s charging and discharging one time can be continuous working;
       < 2/3 rated voltage, 45s charging and discharging is enough;
13) Power supply voltage: 380V
14) Impulse voltage waveform:
      A. standard lightning impulse full wave (voltage level is no less than 1550KV):
           Front wave: 1.2±30%us
           Tail wave: 30±20%us
           Over shoot: < 5%
           Efficiency: >90%
     B. Standard switching impulse full wave (voltage level is no less than 1175KV):
          Front wave: 250±20%us
          Tail wave: 2500±60%us
          Efficiency: >70%
     C. generate gradient > 1000KV/us steep impulse waveform (suitable for Synthesis of silicon insulators);
          Generate gradient > 2500KV/us steep impulse waveform (suitable for porcelain glass insulators);
15) Voltage utilization factor: 
       Positive and negative polarity lightning impulse no load output, voltage utilization factor: ≥90%;
       Positive and negative polarity switching wave load (load capacity: 3000pF) output, voltage utilization factor: ≥65%

Principle Diagram: 

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