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HIVG 300KV-30KJ Impulse Voltage Generator
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HIVG 300KV-30KJ Impulse Voltage Generator

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Mode: HIVG 300KV-30KJ
Related Standards: 
* IEC 60060-1-2010 High-voltage test techniques - Part 1: General definitions and test requirements
* IEC 60060-2-2010 High-voltage test techniques. Part 2: Measuring systems
* IEC 61083-1-2001 Instruments and software used for measurement in high-voltage impulse tests - Part 1: Requirements for instruments
* IEC 61083-2-1996 Digital recorders for measurements in high-voltage tests - Part 2: Evaluation of software 
* ANSI/IEEE 4a-2001 Techniques of High-Voltage Testing
* ANSI/IEEE 376-1975 Measurement of Impulse Strength and Impulse Bandwidth
* ANSI/IEEE 1122-2007 Digit Recorders for Measurements in High-Voltage Impulse Tests
* ASTM D69-D2484 Electrical Insulation (Ⅰ)
* ASTM D2518-Latest Electrical Insulation (Ⅱ

The field of applications is mainly the industrial test facility, university lab and country HV research centers. The system can be used to generate impulse voltages simulating lightning strokes and switching surges.This Impulse voltage generator suitable for lightning impulse full wave, chopping wave, switching impulse test, inspect equipment’s impulse insulation level. The system can also be used for insulator’s impulse flashover test and insulator impulse characteristic research under nonuniform pollution.

300kV 30kJ Impulse voltage test system Layout Diagram:

300KV30KJ impulse voltage generator layout

Technical Parameters: 
1) Rated Voltage: ±100kV
2) Rated stage voltage: ±100kV
3) Rated charging voltage: ±100kV
4) Rated energy: 5kJ
5) Stages: 1 stages
6) Pulse capacitor: 100kV 1uF 1sets totally.
7) Stage energy: 5kJ
8) Impulse voltage waveform parameter:
    a) Under the condition of Load capacitance:400~3400pF (Include Capacitance Voltage Divider)
    b) Standard lightning impulse voltage full-wave
        T1=1.2μS±30%, T2=50μS±20%, oscillation at peak value less than 5% of amplitude
    c) This two impulse voltage waveform parameter and deviation meet the requirement of IEC/IEEE/ANSI.
9) Minimum output voltage >20%Un
10) Synchronous range: stage voltage is between 20%~100% of rated voltage.
       Positive and negative polarity synchronous range less than 25%.
11) Synchronous discharge out of control rate <5%
12) Sparking range: 10%-100%Un
13) Charging voltage instability <±1.0%
14) Working time:
       When voltage above than 2/3 rated voltage, the systems can continuous working each 120s (charging and discharging);
       When the voltage is below 2/3 of rated voltage, the system can continuous working each 60s (charging and discharging).

impulse voltage generator 700KV impulse voltage generator 700KV

Principle Diagram: 

Question 1:
Can the impulse generator auto switching the polarity? How long will it take for switching?
Answer: Surely, the impulse generator can automatic switching the polarity, the silicon stack is fixed on the charging device, User can change switching the silicon stack from remote control system (PLC based), and it's takes around 10second to switching. 
Question 2:
How the impulse generator packing?
Answer: For the impulse generator <=300kV, we will pack it after installation & commissioning. The impulse generator main body is packed vertically in a seperately wooden case, in this way, when system arrive user plant, user can open and connect system easily. The charging device, impulse voltage divider and impulse control system / Chopping gaps will be packed in sperate wooden case. 
Question 3:
If the impulse generator CE certificated?
Answer: Yes, all of our Impulse Voltage Generator Control and Measuring System are CE Certificated, the CE certificate No. 1P160725.HDN53, for more details, please go for our sales. 

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