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HCL2606 Cable Fault Detector
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HCL2606 Cable Fault Detector

Lead time: 25 days

The smooth communication of cable and power transmission depend on the normal operation of the cable lines. Once the line is out of order, it will cause great economic loss and bad social influence if it fails to find out the fault in time and quickly eliminate it. Therefore, the cable fault detector is an important tool for maintaining various cables.

The cable fault detector is a comprehensive instrument for detecting cable faults. It can test the cable's high resistance flashover fault, high and low resistance grounding, short circuit, cable disconnection and bad contact. If equipped with acoustic measuring instrument, the accurate location of the fault point can be accurately determined. The utility model is especially suitable for testing power cables and communication cables of various types and voltage levels.

Object cable type: 
power cable (1kV ~ 35kV), communication cable, coaxial cable, metal  overhead line

test fault (caused by short circuit, groudning, high impedance leakage, high impedance flashover fault and cable poor coonection)

Measure cable length and electric wave speed in the cable.

HCL2606 Cable Fault Detector  HCL2606 Cable Fault Detector

HCL2606 Cable Fault Detector  HCL2606 Cable Fault Detector

Technical Parameter: 
Max.testing distance: 15km ~ 100km (customized)
Blind detection: 1m
Resolution: 1m
Power consumption: 5VA
Environmental temperature: -10℃-50℃
Relative humidity: uo to 90%RH
Size: 270*225*165mm
Weight: 1.9kg

Safe, fast and accurate testing 
LV impulse method + HV flashover detection,which test all kinds of cable faults.
- Waveform and data automatically display on big LCD screen.
- Function of comparing testing waveform of cable fault with normal waveform.
- Wave form extending function.
- Directly show fault point and testing point direct distance or relative distance.
- Using high speed data sampling technology. A/D sampling speed is 100Mhz.
- Modify speed of propagation any time according to different testing cables.
- Waveform and parameter storage function.
- Built-in rechargeable battery. Small size, portable to carry.

Working principle diagram 
Working principle diagram

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