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HCTT-250kV/0.5A Charging Transformer
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HCTT-250kV/0.5A Charging Transformer

Mode: HCTT-250kV/0.5A
Rated capacitance:125kVA
Rated voltage: Exciting winding voltage:380V       HV voltage:250kV
Rated current: Exciting winding current:328.9A       HV current:0.5A
Rated frequency:50Hz
No-load current:≤8%
Waveform deviation:≤8%
Measuring winding voltage ratio:1000/1
Over-current capability: 150% of rated current, 5 min, no thermal damage and winding distortion to test transformer’s winding.
Over-voltage capability: 110% UH , 1 min, no damage to test transformer’s insulation.
Insulation level:  LV winding to ground 3kV/1min ;HV winding to ground 3kV/1min
Dielectric loss<0.4% Running time: 100%UH,100%IH  1 min;   80%UH.80%IH   cont. running.  
Temperature raise of test transformer winding≤65 Temperature raise of oil surface≤55K

Principle Diagram: 

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