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HCL 2508 (100A) Circuit Resistance Tester (Upgrade)

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        The breaker (hereinafter referred to as switch) plays a vital role in ensuring the safe operation of switch. The conductive performance can be reflected in the resistance value of conductive circuit. Hence, IEC standards and manufacturers regulate that the resistance of circuit should be measured and set indicators for all kinds of switches. Generally speaking, the double-arm bridge was used in the past. Because of the bridge’s voltage, the current is very low. The dispersibility of data is great if there are impurities between contacts or the surface is oxidized. In accordance with GB50150-91 and T596-1996, the company developed the circuit resistance tester, which is widely used to measure the contact resistance, circuit resistance etc of all switches.

Technical parameters

1 Testing current: 50A, 100A;

2 Range of measuring:    0 - 100 mΩ, at 50A

                                                        0 - 20 mΩ, at 100A

         3 The minimum resolution: 0.1μΩ

4 Accuracy:  0.5%±0.2µΩ

5 Output voltage: DC10V    

6 Duty: continuous type

7 Power supply: AC220V±10 at 50Hz±1Hz

8 Power consumption: ≤1000W

9 Operation temperatures: -20 - 40

10 Relative humidity≤80%, without condensation

11 Weight: 8.7kg

12 Size: 350mmx230mmx260mm

13 Communication with computer is available

14 USB connector is available

Performance and features

1.The testing current is high enough to fully meet the requirements indicated in the national standards for testing of contact resistance;

2.A high output voltage, a wider measuring span up to 100MΩ;

3.The test current is supplied by a high precision, switching type current constant power supply (100A), and therefore with no needs to be adjusted, so that a fast and accurate measurement can be provided.    

4.Wiring through four terminals effectively eliminates impacts on the test results caused by the resistance of test wires;  

5.The product provides faster test, indicating results 5 seconds or so after test start-up;

6.The product equipped with over-heat protection circuit can be continuously work for a long time and therefore provides high reliability and stability;   

7.The product is an easy operation, lightweight type and applicable to field use.

HCL 2508 (100A) Circuit Resistance Tester HCL 2508 (100A) Circuit Resistance Tester

HCL 2508 (100A) Circuit Resistance Tester HCL 2508 (100A) Circuit Resistance Tester

Question 1:
Cannot start up and the buzzer is always sounding. what's the problem?
Check whether the AC 380V power supply is used or the input voltage is too low; use the multimeter AC voltage tap to measure the voltage. If correct, then connect the power supply to have another try.

Question 2:
The LED screen of HCL2508 circuit resistance tester cannot be enlightened. How to solve it?
Inspect the power supply (the method is the same as the first item ); then check whether the fuses fused; if yes, change them.

Question 3:
The LED screen can be enlightened but the display is abnormal or cannot display.
Restart the machine one time or press the reset button to make the system rerun.

Question 4:
Why the data is not stable or the deviation is large?
First of all, check whether the test wires and joints are loose; secondly, confirm whether the equipment can work normally through current divider; check whether the test object is corrosive or faulty.

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