DC Charging Apparatus
HCA 75kV/300mA DC Charging Apparatus
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HCA 75kV/300mA DC Charging Apparatus

Lead time: 30 days

Charging apparatus is set at the bottom of generator. Output voltage is positive-negative symmetrical DC voltage. The voltage is lead by HV lead wire to Generator’s first charging resistor, supplying DC charging voltage.

  Maximum charging voltage: 75kV

  Charging voltage: automatic controlled, in range of 15~100%, deviation between real value and reference voltage<±1%, instability<±0.5%, adjusting accuracy: 1%

  Maximum charging current: 300mA

  Charging current range: 20~300mA

  Oil transformer: (HV silicon rectifier stack 2DL-300kV/500mA)
    Secondary voltage: 75kV
    Rated capacity: 25kVA
    Rated voltage: 75kV/220V
    Reverse voltage of rectifier: >=300kV
    Average current:>=0.5A
    DC Resistance Divider: 100kV 200MΩ (2units)

    Input power: 220V, 50Hz,

  (Customized according to requirement, 50Hz or 60Hz are available.)

  Polarity transition: remote electrical control

  Adopt bilateral asymmetric charging circuit, controllable silicon constant current charging regulating. Charging voltage resolution: ≤ 1.0%
(For IG system with 150kV per stage.)

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