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HCL 706 Handheld infrared gas detection thermal imaging camera
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HCL 706 Handheld infrared gas detection thermal imaging camera

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Mode: HCL 706
In the electric power industry, SF6 gas is widely used as the insulating medium, once the leakage of SF6, the power equipment and environment will cause great damage, so the detection of SF6 gas leakage has become the focus of the monitoring work of the electric power industry, can leak detection for remote non-contact power equipment of SF6 gas in normal operating conditions with HCL 706 products, improve work efficiency, security inspection personnel.
HCL 706 is the Himalayal technology with high sensitivity and cooled infrared focal plane detector advanced, Himalayal infrared imaging technique has the advantages of high performance thermal imager SF6 set gas leak detection and measurement of launch as a whole, Product performance has reached the leading domestic and international advanced level, the product can be accurately detected SF6 gas leak, the thermal sensitive detection equipment is less than 0.025°C, small temperature difference, is a superior performance with high thermal image. 
◆ Adopts long wave cooling type high sensitivity (<0.025°C) thermal focal plane detector, clear imaging, accurate temperature measurement
◆ Uses passive thermal imaging technology, electrical equipment without power, can be remote, accurately locate the leak point
◆ Analyzing the function is perfect, with voice recording and video recording function
◆ HD OLED finder with 5 inch LCD touch screen, can rotate, convenient on-site observation
◆ Without specific context, without the need of auxiliary light source, suitable for all kinds of site environment detection
◆ The small volume, light weight, simple operation, suitable for single use
Technical parameters:
Item: HCL 706
Detector Characteristics:
Detector type: Cooled QWIP detector
Array size: 320*256
Image characteristics:
Field of view/min focus distance: 14.5°x10.8°/0.5m or 24°x18°/0.3m
Spatial resolution: 0.79mrad or 1.13mrad
NETD: <0.025℃
Frame rate: 60Hz
Focus: Automatic/manual/electric focusing
Zoom: 9.8~11.2um, Summit 10.55um
CCD: 3200000 pixel CMOS, AF
Image display:
View finder: High resolution 0.6’ color OLED, band amplifier
LCD: High resolution 5’ digital color LCD touch screen
Image adjustment: Automatic/manual adjust contrast, brightness
Color palette: 11 color palette (including iron oxide red, optional rainbow, black and white, black and white inversion, etc.)
Temperature range: -40℃~+500℃
Accuracy:  ±2℃ or ±2%(reading range), large value
Measurement correction: Automatic/manual
Mode: Up to 10 movable spots, Up to 5 movable areas(maximum, minimum and average temperatures), Up to 2 movable lines, Line profile, Lsotherms; Temperature difference. Alarm (voice, color)
Setup: Date/time: temperature unit °C/°F/k language
Emissivity Correction: 0.01-1 radiation rate adjustable
Background temp adjustment: Automatically, according to the type of the background temperature
Atmospheric transmission correction: Automatically, according to the type of the target distance; relative humidity; environment temperature
Image Save:
Storage card: 8G SD card, could up to 32G
Storage mode: Manual/automatic single-frame image storage, continuous visible, infrared video recording; Thermal/CCD, CCD thermal image automatic association of the corresponding
Single frame: JPEG, 14 bit thermal image with measurement date
Video: MPEG-4 or 14 bit thermal image with measurement data
Single frame: JPEG format or with single frame image stored (PIP)
Video: MPEG-4
Voice annotation: 40S, saved together with the image
Target designation:
Laser pointer: Second level, 1mW/635nm, red
Power supply:
Battery type: Li-ion, rechargeable
Battery operating time: 3 hours continuous operation
Charging system: Intelligent charge or power supply adaptor online charge
Power saving: Automatic screen saver, automatic shutdown
External power: 10-15V DC
Working temperature: -20℃~+50℃
Encapsulation: IP54
Humidity: ≤95% (non-condensing)
Physical feature:
Weight: 2.5kg
Dimension: 335*160*172mm
External DC input: Yes
Audio output: Yes
USB 2.0: USB 2.0, measurement date and voice transfer to PC
Video output: HDMI
Detection of Gas: Six sulfar fluoride; ammonial; ethyl cyanoacrylate; Chlorine dioxide; acetic acid; Chloro two methyl fluoride; ethylene; methyl ethyl ketone etc.

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