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EETI was established in 1965 and was approved to be the “High and Low Voltage Electrical Apparatus and Household Appliance Centralized Research Institute” by Machinery Industry Hall of Jiangsu Province in 1982.In the past 50 years, under the concern and supports of various levels of leaders and government departments, EETI’s directors and employees adhere to the concept of “committing to improving quality of electrical apparatus”. They forge ahead and work hard for making the institute enjoy a sustainable development and become stronger and stronger. EETI mainly engages in the test, equipment calibration,development of testing equipments and the research and service work of standards and information in fields of power generation equipments, power transmission and distribution equipments (including power transformer, reactor, instrument transformer, insulator, lightning arrester, capacitor, overhead line, electric power fittings), high voltage electrical apparatus, high voltage switchgear assemblies, low voltage electrical apparatus, low voltage switchgear assemblies, machine tool electric appliance, marine electrical apparatus, nuclear power electrical apparatus, automobile electronic and electrical, wind power generating equipments, solar power photovoltaic system, energy-saving products, RoHS, EMC, anti-seismic etc..

Approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the P. R. C. (AQSIQ) and Certification and Accreditation Administration of P. R. C. (CNCA), EETI is China National Centre for Quality Supervision and Test of Electrical Apparatus Products, and also China National Smart Grid Medium & High-Voltage Assemblies Quality Supervision and Test Centre, Quality Supervision. At the same time, EETI also plays the role as China Machinery Industry Center for Quality Supervision and Test of High & Low-Voltage Electrical Apparatus and Machine Tool Electric appliances, Quality Supervision and Testing Center of Machinery Industry Automotive Electronic and Electrical Products of the P.R.C., and Machinery Industry No.26 Metrology & Testing Central Station all authorized by China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF). EETIhas been granted to be China National Industry (Electrical Apparatus) Product Quality Control and Technical Evaluation Laboratory by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P. R. C... EETI covers an area of more than 300MU with 250 million total assets. The total personnel is 1200, among which 800 belong to engineering personnel and various kinds expertise personnel, 7 are doctors-degree holders, 55 are master degree-holders, 5 are state laboratory assessors, and 12 are state registered assessors. EETI currently has 250,000 square meters of laboratory area, 5500 pieces (sets) of testing equipments. It has established computer data acquisition system, computer management system and computer on-site monitoring system, and also set up more than 30 laboratories covering the test room of high and low voltage electrical apparatus safety performance test, environmental test, EMC and new energy generating equipment test, anti-seismic test, poisonous and the restriction of hazardous substance (RoHS) Test, instrument and apparatus metrology testing.Now, the low voltage test capacity is 3 phase AC 50Hz/420V/450kA/ 1s, DC 440V/320kA/100ms,1850V/120kA/100ms, and the main technical indicators rank into the forefront of international counterparts laboratories; high voltage test capacity is 40.5kV 35kA for direct test, 1/2 pole 550 kV /63kA, full pole 363kV/63kA, 3 phase 252kV/63kA for synthetic test which rank in one of the advanced levels in China; the outburst short circuit test capacity of power transformer has reached 550kV/1000MVA which make

EETI become the largest outburst short circuit test capacity laboratory in the world and has solved the difficult situation of testing
large power transformer in China; 3.6MW wind power generator laboratory and 5.3MW wind power generator laboratory under construction have become the first third part test laboratory in China; the 1100kV/100kA ultra-high voltage testing system under
extension construction and electrical apparatus simulating anti-seismic testing system will become the advanced testing system of the same industry in China.

EETI is the National High –Tech Enterprise,Civilized organization of National Machinery Industry, Advanced Quality Inspection organization of Machinery Industry of China,Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Progress Model Enterprise of China,
Enterprise Innovation Advanced organization of Jiangsu Province. In recent years, EETI actively organize R & D team to developindependent innovation work and has obtained a batch of innovation fruit and 22 national patents. EETI has established and modified 23 items of national and industry Standards and acquired 3 times of Second prize of National Science and
Technology Progress Award.