Damaged 500kV Tianwan Nuclear Power Transmission Line is in Service after Emergency Repairs
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Damaged 500kV Tianwan Nuclear Power Transmission Line is in Service after Emergency Repairs


After the maintenance without delay, the 500kV Tiandu No.5216 line was able to transmit the electricity and close the loops at about 13:48pm 29th June, marking that 278# tower of that line damaged during a tornado at Funing county six days earlier, was successfully repaired.    

There is not much time left for the maintenance and it is hard work. The Jiangsu Power Transmission and Transformation Company, responsible for construction work, spends only 33 hours tearing down broken towers and building new towers.   

The Jiangsu Maintenance Company- branch of State Grid, in charge of running the line, learnt about the damage in no time and successfully made another line - Xuyan line transmit the electricity in advance. Besides, inspection personnel were assigned to carry out all-round inspection of Tiandu line in time. Foreign objects including broken conductor spacer and the film hanging on the sub-conductor were eliminated to ensure that the line resumes operating smoothly. 

Even though they are pressed for time, the Company dispatched drones to cooperate with capable staff to conduct final acceptance for maintained Tiandu line, adhering to the principles of “not reducing the safety requirement and ensuring the quality in construction at a limited time".   
Energy-saving transformer 

The  acceptance testing for the project passed with no error. The Jiangsu Maintenance Company reported to control center on the good result at 11:59, which marks that Tiandu No.5216 line is in service again.

Buildings and electrical towers collapsed as thunder, lightning, rainstorms, hailstorms and the tornado struck counties and villages in the city of Yancheng at about 2:30 pm. At least 98 people were killed and nearly 800 injured in disasters caused by extreme weather conditions, including a tornado, in Jiangsu province on Thursday.