Do Many Questions Occur to You after the Release of a New Regulation ? Read the Following and You can Get Your Answers.
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Do Many Questions Occur to You after the Release of a New Regulation ? Read the Following and You can Get Your Answers.


With the recent implementation of the strictest regulation in history, many questions arise such as:  

How heavy goods can our cabinets carry ?  

Couldn’t we load two 20GP cabinets on one trailer in future ?  

Can we continue to use 40HQ cabinet ?  

Are you overwhelmed by those questions?  

Be easy !   

For your convenience, we did out best to find the answers . Please read it.   

I. Is Your Container Truck Overweight ? 

First of all, to popularize one knowledge: vehicles used for container truck transport now are mainly 4-axle, 5-axle and 6-axle. According to YunQuNa statistics, the maximum of 4-axle vehicle available is about 70%, 20% for 5-axle and 10% for 6-axle or so.    

Keep the following in mind when calculating the weight:   

1. Be relaxed if the weight is well within the bearable range of 4-axle vehicle;     

2. Remember to inform the team in advance for dispatching appropriate vehicle if the weight is largely over 4-axle vehicle but lower 5-axle or 6-axle; (If the vehicle switches from 4-axle to 6-axle, the cost and price will increase.)  

3. There is no container truck to transport the goods if the weight further exceeds the range of 6-axle vehicle unless you are willing to bear the extra high cost (¥ 500 per ton).  

Next, let us have a thorough understanding of the calculation by means of the following graphs.     

Formula: Max payload = gross weight limit regulated by new regulation - the weight of truck (Wtruck) - the weight of container(Wcontainer)       
4 axle    


1. As to different companies, there is about 0.3 tons difference in container weight. 

2. There is around one-ton discrepancy in the wight of vehicle due to the difference in production, loss and water & oil tank.  

II. Issue of 20GP Cabinet Arrangement    

It is common practice for many companies to load two 20GP cabinets on one container truck to save cost. 

However, as the new regulation was officially implemented on September 21, 2016, bearable weight per container truck drops by 5 tons or so. The 4-axle vehicle can carry only about 20 tons of goods. It is difficult to place two 20GP cabinets on one truck even if it meets the requirements of weight.   

At present, many teams actually place the ONLY 20GP cabinet on the vehicle if the cabinet weighs over 10 tons. The price of above 10 tons of cabinet is similar to that of 40GP cabinet, which is 40% higher than a common cabinet.   

Take from Hangzhou Jianggan district to Shanghai Yangshan port as an example. The price of two 20GP cabinets is ¥ 1750 while ¥ 2600 for 40GP cabinet.       

III. Use or Not Use 40HQ Cabinet

The new regulation stipulates that the vehicle shall not be higher than 4 meters. Does it mean that 40HQ cabinet cannot be used?

The answer is absolutely No! 


Even though the vehicle exceeds the limit, you will not be punished because the height of container truck has its own international standards. Hence, everyone can continue to use 40HQ cabinet.