≤100kVA Range
HET 41.5kVA/24kV,12kV,6kV Exciter Transformer
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HET 41.5kVA/24kV,12kV,6kV Exciter Transformer

Lead time: 30 day

Mode: HET 41.5kVA/24kV,12kV,6kV
Single phase
Cooling methods: ONAN
Rated capacitance:41.5kVA
Rated voltage: LV voltage: 0.415kV
HV voltage: 6, 12, 24kV LV current: 100A
HV current: 6.92, 3.46, 1.73A
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Impedance voltage: < 5%
Shielding methods: Set electrostatic shield layer between HV windings.
Partial discharge: ≤5pC under rated voltage.
Exciter transformer protection: equip piezoresistor for each HV output, exciter transformer’s input and output terminal connects with the ground via zinc oxide arrester, this methods can protect the operator and the equipment itself when test object breakdown. Structure: steel housing, HV bushing equips on the oil tank, equips wheels, movable, oil tank is shell-type, lead out the Low voltage with porcelain bushing. E ach terminal is lead out by relative voltage grade bushing. HV bushing lead wire go through isovolumetric capacitance core, exterminal insulation is fiber glass bushing. Bushing has corona rings. Oil tank has oil conservator to make sure the capacitance core in the oil. HV bushing can guarantee 24kV corona free. Exciter transformer insulation characteristic: Exciter transformer insulation levelwill determin transformer’s safety work and insulation ageing speed. To guarantee no flashover- which coming from external, electric potential raise and cause damage to the main insulation and minor insulation. We will also set insulation layer between HV windings and turn-to-turn. Winding is cylinder type. Capacitance is determin by the winding’s area.   When design, we’d try our best to make sure the top and bottom has same area, and compensate with electrostatic shield to improve the initial voltage distribution. Winding skeleton is made of compound insulation tube: can get down partial discharge and shielding the iron coil.

Principle Diagram: 

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