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HFRS 500kV/2500kVA Variable Frequency Resonant Reactor, Frequency Resonant Reactor
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HFRS 500kV/2500kVA Variable Frequency Resonant Reactor

Lead time: 60 days

Mode: HFRS 500kV/2500kVA
Two modules, can be upgraded to 3modules.
Single module rated voltage: 250kV,
Single module rated current: 5A
Single module rated capacitance: 1250kVar
Two modules rated capacitance: 2500kVar
Single module inductance: 125H
Two modules inductance: 250H

Rated current: reactor can be serial connection or parallel connection;
When serial connection, HV output is 500kV/5A
When parallel connection, HV output is 250kV/10A,
The system can be upgraded into three modules, 750kV

Insulation Level: 
 withstand 60s under 120% rated voltage
Rated frequency: 30-300Hz
Quality factor: Q>60 when frequency is 50Hz
Working time: one hour one, one hour off, under rated output capacitance, not surpass 4 cycles every day. Temperature raise: winding≤80K, transformer oil≤55K; Surface of epoxy tube temperature raise ≤40K

Structure Requirement: 
The system adopts iron coil subsection air gap and copper winding structure, reactor adopts copper lead-wire winding, oil immerse self-cooling, oil tank is iron shell structure to increase the system heat dissipation capability, and equips with breathe capsule for transformer oil expanding when testing. Reactor equips reliable hook for suspending.
The inner structure of the reactor is special designed for long distance railway, highway transportation. The system suitable for on-site test.
Reactor has nameplate for single unit and serial connection: the parameter on nameplate are:
Rated voltage, inductance, working frequency, weight, and so on.
Compared with Epoxy tube type structure, the Metal tank structure has better function on heat dissipation. And Tank structure has better performance on on-site testing.

Principle Diagram: 


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