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Study of Field Hand-over Test of 110kV GIS
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Study of Field Hand-over Test of 110kV GIS

Wang Dong

Abstract: Details of 110kV GIS field hand-over test are presented in this paper, including the necessity and routine items of the test. What is more, the paper also focuses on key items of the test.   

Key words: 110kV GIS equipment, field hand-over test, test items

GIS(Gas Insulated Switchgear) is gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear and a form of high-voltage power transmission equipment. It adopts metal shell and combines with good insulation performance and arc-extinguishing of SF6 gas. So it has high insulation reliability. It is easy to operate and maintain. In addition, GIS is small in volume and light in weight, and takes short time to install. Owning to all these advantages, GIS is increasingly used. Therefore, we must pay attention to field hand-over test of GIS equipment in order to ensure that GIS equipment is not damaged and  can operate safely after being put into use.

1.Necessity for Field Hand-over Test of GIS 
GIS field hand-over test aims to check whether the equipment has been well assembled and installed on site before being put into use. It decides whether the product can operates well in large part. The company still cannot skillfully produce, install and operate GIS equipment, so it is of great importance to guarantee equipment safety and stable operation via hand-over test.

Although GIS equipment is qualified through adjustment test, it is essential to take GIS equipment apart for transportation. In order to ensure all components of the equipment free from moisture, we need to fill proper amount of gas to prevent the moisture in the air from entering inner GIS equipment. When transported, it is likely that vibration and collision occur, causing the damage to equipment components. In addition, improper operation during the installation process may have a influence on normal operation. Based on earlier GIS faults, we can learn that most faults occur at the initial stage of the operation. What is more, more than half faults occur due to lack of field hand-over test. Regulations for GIS equipment field hand-over test are clearly stated in the national standards. In a word, we must conduct field hand-over test before GIS is put into use