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HGTS 1600KVA/800KV Variable Frequency Resonant Reactor
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HGTS 1600KVA/800KV Variable Frequency Resonant Reactor

Lead time: 120 days

Mode: HGTS 1600KVA/800KV
Single phase                                              Rated load capacitance: 0~5nF
Rated Capacity:1600kVA                         Rated frequency: 30~300Hz
Rated Voltage: 800Kv                              Rated inductive reactance: 400kΩ
Rated current: 2A                                     Rated inductance: not less than 1380H
System running time: 180min on, 60 min off, under 100% rated current and 100% rated voltage; 8 cycle per day.

SF6 rated pressure: ≤0.45Mpa (Should conside echelon protection: Insulation impedance cylinder body 0.45Mpa, Coupling capacitor cylinder body 0.4Mpa, Reactor cylinder body 0.5MPa)
SF6 gas maximum pressure: ≤0.8MPa (Every SF6 Air chamber equips safety valve protection device.)
Exciting voltage input: Adopt 35kV cable input exciting voltage.
SF6 gas insulated reactor structure: second grade gas insulate reactor adopt individual air chamber, the air chamber for connecting two terminals adopt middle transition air chamber.
Two terminal air chamber HV connection: 400kV air chamber HV output adopts 800kV plate; 800kV air chamber input and output connecting by two 800kV plate.
System partial discharge level: ≤3pC, under 100% rate voltage;≤2pC, under 80% rate voltage
Gas insulated reactor color: Dark Blue
Traversing carriage of the system: The whole system can be adjusted to four directions: up, down, left and right. Easy to connect with GIS. When lifting, make sure of the system center of gravity within reasonable range.

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