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HGTS 1000KV/600KVA Gas Insulated Test Transformer
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HGTS 1000KV/600KVA Gas Insulated Test Transformer

Lead time: 120 days

Mode: HGTS 1000KV/600KVA
Casing, Stationary type                                            Frequency: 50Hz
Single phase                                                              Rated Capacity: 600kVA
Rated Voltage: excitation winding: 2x6kV; HV winding: 1000kV
Rated Current: excitation current: 2x50A HV Current: 0.6A
Low voltage winding can serial connection or parallel connection:
When serial connection, HV output is 500kV 0.6A
When parallel connection, HV output is 1000kV 0.6A
(HV terminal of the transformer will be earthed through a current transformer 5/5 so as to check the current value of HV side and ensure safety of the operators and equipment)
Waveform deviation ≤3%                 Unload Current: IO<10%              Impedance voltage ≤12%
Voltage Ratio of Measurement Windings: 1000:1


Over Current Ability: Continuous working for 300S under 120% rated current (0.72A), then thermal damage or distortion of the winding shall not be occurred.
Over Voltage Ablity: Overvoltage at 110% UH (1100kV) for 60s., then it shall not happened any insulation damage for the testing transformer.
Short-circuit Discharge Test: under 480kV short-circuit discharge three times via damping resistor, not cause any damage on the system.
Insulation Level: 20kV/1min (low voltage input terminal to earth); 5kV/1min (HV terminal to earth)

Winding Insulation level to earth:
HV winding to LV winding, measuring winding and earth >1500MΩ
LV winding to HV winding, measuring winding and earth >1500MΩ
Partial discharge level: ≤5pC, under 100% rate voltage; ≤3pC, under 80% rate voltage
Noise:≤60dB                           Dielectric loss: <0.5%
Operating Time: Working for 30 minutes allowed at 100% rated current & voltage; and temperature rise of transformer windings is less than 65K.
Protection: Equip with 6kV surge arrestors.

Principle Diagram: 

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