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HDCG I-1200kV/10mA HVDC Generator
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HDCG II-1200kV/10mA HVDC Generator

Lead time: 120 days

Mode: HDCG I-1200kV/10mA

Applied Standard: 
 IEC 61643-1 2011 Surge Protective Devices Connected to Low-voltage Power Distribution Systems-Part 1: Performance and Testing Methods
 IEC 61083-1 Instruments and Software Used for Measurement in High-voltage Impulse Tests-Part 1: Requirements for Instruments
 IEC 61083-2 Instruments and Software Used for Measurement in High-voltage and High-current Tests-Part 2: Requirements for Software for Tests with Impulse Voltages and Currents
 IEC 62475 High Current Test Techniques-Definitions and Requirements for Test Current and Measuring Systems

Technical Parameters: 
Rated Voltage: ±1200kV
(Output voltage range: ±100kV ~ ±1200kV, continuously adjustable.)
Rated current: 10mA
Main circuit: 4stage unilateral voltage-multiplying circuit
Single HV silicon stack: working voltage (peak voltage) reverse withstand voltage >2time rated voltage(>2400kV) , working current (average) 0.5A
Capacitor: AC pillar, bottom capacitors 0.08uF/200kV, all other capacitor are 0.04uF/400kV
Silicon stack protection resistor: approx. 5kΩ
DC ripple factor: <=3% (Rated load)
DC HV polarity: automatic transfer silicon stack polarity, transfer time < 5s
Voltage raising speed: regulator raise the voltage from 0 ~ +/-800kV, approx. 45s
Protection: System equip over-current, over-voltage protection.

Earth device: pneumatic earth device, drive by motor, effect by the transfer of insolated part and no insulated part. Earth time <=3s. Main circuit structure, this system is designed as unilateral unsymmetrical single stage voltage-multiplying circuit, besides test transformer, voltage regulator, the filter capacitor, multivoltage capacitor, silicon rectify stack is placed separately on three basement. The resistance voltage divider and earthing switch has the same basement which equip universal wheel and lifting jack. We can customize movable and stable type. Manual polarity reverses. The top electrode (corona ring) is special designed for DC generator. See outside drawing. There is safety earthing system on the generator, which protects the safety of staff and equipment.

Principle Diagram: 

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