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HCTS-1500A/10V/15kVA Heating Transformer for Power Cable

Lead time: 40 days

Mode: HCTS 1500A/10V
1.Rated capacitance: 15kVA (single set)
2.Input voltage: 380V
3.Output voltage: 10V (single set)
4.Output curent: 1500A (single set)
5.Cross hole diameter:280mm
6.Cooling mode: automatic cooling by drying up
Waveform deviation ≤3%
Impedance voltage ≤10%
Over Current Ability: Continuous working for 3 minutes at 110% rated current, then thermal damage or distortion of the winding shall
not be occurred.
Noise: ≤65dB
Dielectric loss: less than 0.5%.
Color: Transformers are red/black/yellow color.(selected)
heating transformer heating transformer
heating transformer heating transformer

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