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HCTS-1667A/50kVA/30V Cross-core Heating Transformer
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HCTS-1667A/50kVA/30V Cross-core Heating Transformer

Lead time: 40 days

Mode: HCTS-1667A/50kVA/30V
Open type, Portable
Single phase (a.b)
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Capacity: 50kVA                                   
Rated Voltage: excitation winding: 0.38kV;       One winding current: 30V
Rated Current: excitation current: 131.6A        One winding current: 1667A
Waveform deviation ≤3%
Impedance voltage ≤10%
Over Current Ability: Continuous working for 3 minutes at 110% rated current, then thermal damage or distortion of the winding shall
not be occurred.
Noise: ≤65dB
Dielectric loss: less than 0.5%.
Color: Transformers are red color.
Operating Time:
Continuous working under 100% rated current; and temperature rise of transformer windings is less than 65K, temperature of coil to oil
less than 55K.
Dimension:. 600*420*870

heating transformer heating transformer

heating transformer heating transformer

Question 1:
How many loops in the system?
Answer: normally, we will equips two loops, one loop for cable HV testing, and the other loop for power cable temperature measuring. The temperature measuring is realized via the sensor, which is buried in the cable, (up to 16 lines), User can read the temperature directly on our digital control and measuring system. 

Question 2:
How many different structures heating transformer for cable are there in Himalayal?
Answer: for cable heating transformer, Himalayal has three different structures: 
1) not open structure, normally for very small cable
2) side open structure, normally for light cable
3) top open structure, normally for heavy cable, will need crane to lifting and put the cable in. 
For more details, please kind consult with our sales. 

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