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HCTS-6000A/8.33V/50kVA Heating Transformer for Power Cable
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HCTS-6000A/8.33V/50kVA Heating Transformer for Power Cable

Lead time: 40 days

Mode: HCTS-6000A/8.33V/50kVA
Open type, PortableSingle phase (a.b)
Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Capacity: 50kVA                                   
Rated Voltage: excitation winding: 0.4kV;      One winding current: 8.33V
Rated Current: excitation current: 125A        One winding current: 6000A
Waveform deviation ≤5%
Impedance voltage ≤1.5%
Over Current Ability: Continuous working for 5 minutes at 110% rated current, then thermal damage or distortion of the winding shall not be
Noise: ≤65dB
Dielectric loss: less than 0.5%.
Operating Time: Continuous working under 100% rated current; and temperature rise of transformer windings is less than 65K,
temperature of coil to oil less than 55K.

heating transformer heating transformer

heating transformer heating transformer

Notice 1:
We only list several model on the website, if user need other capacitance(output voltage, and current), we can customized accordingly. 
Notice 2:
For power cable heating cycle test, we normally, the cable length is 30m, but if user need to test longer cable, if the cable cross-section is not too big, user can wiring several or multiple turns cable in the heating transformer to get higher voltage and output power. 

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