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HCTS-10000A/100kVA Heating High Current Transformer
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HCTS-10000A/100kVA/10V Heating High Current Transformer

Lead time: 40 days

Mode: HCTS-10000A/100kVA

Rated capacitance: 100kVA
Rated voltage: 380/10V
Rated current: 263.1/10000A
Impedance voltage: ≤5%
Connection methods: I, IO
Single phase
Frequency: 50HZ
Cooling type: natural cooling
Sound level: ≤50dB
Flux density:  B<1.6T, The transformer is special design for high current generator.
Insulation routine test (Insulation test: power frequency withstand level (kV))
Primary side to ground: 5kV
Primary side to Secondary side: 5kV
Secondary side to ground: 1kV
Equips with loops for lifting, continent for moving with crane.
Transformer internal structure and relative position will not change after long distance shipment. Fasten fitting will not become flexible.
Dimension:  650x350x600mm (LxWxH)
Weight: <430kg

heating transformer heating transformer
heating transformer heating transformer

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