Impulse Source for Cable Fault Testing
HCL2608 Impulse Source for Cable Fault Testing
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HCL2608 Impulse Source for Cable Fault Testing

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Impulse Source for cable fault testing is used as an auxiliary high voltage power supply for detecting high resistance faults by using impact flashover method.

Technical Specification and Parameter: 

- Input power supply: AC 220V/230V,50Hz/60Hz
- Output voltage: DC 0-32kV (adjustable)
- Rated power: 2kVA
- 2048J, 4uF
- DC flashover voltage: 32kV
- DC flashover current: 63mA
- Max.impulse current: 500mA
- Discharging method: DC HV, one time, cycle
- Cycle discharging time: 3-6 seconds
- Environmental temperature:0-40℃
- Humidity:<75% RH
- Altitude:<1000m
- Insulation level: A
- Dimension: 435*540*415mm

Functional characteristics: 

1. An integrated design, built-in storage capacitor, no high voltage exposure.

2. An output voltage is directly connected to the cable fault, safe operation, convenient wiring.

3. Multiple safety protections, HV zero start, automatically release high-voltage capacitance after power off.

4. Various work ways: the output DC voltage can be adjusted continuously.

5. Small volume, light weight, easy to carry.

HCL2608 Impulse Source HCL2608 Impulse Source

HCL2608 Impulse Source HCL2608 Impulse Source

Two methods on cable fault locating: 
1. Low voltage pulse:  use HCL2606 Cable Fault Detector
    [ can located: open circuit fault, low impedance grounding fault ] [ Measure cable length ] [ detect: wave speed of cable ]
2. High voltage flashover: discharging sphere gap can detect the discharging pulse voltage waveform of cable fault, and located cable fault.]

HCL2608 Impulse source for cable fault generate fix frequency pulse, work with cable fault locator HCL2600 will has following function:
1).  Audio frequency: locate high impedance, flashover fault.
2).  To pinpoint cable route, identify special cable
3).  To metallic breakdown(dead grounding), using magnetic-field measurement to locate accurately.

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