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HID 4000kV/400pF Impulse Voltage Divider
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HID 4000kV/400pF Weak Damping Capacitor Voltage Divider

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Mode: HID 4000kV/400pF
1) Weak damping capacitor voltage divider  is consisting of series connection multistage pulse capacitors. 
2) Damping  resistor  is  multistage  distributed;  the  capacitor  is  non  inductance structure,  low  voltage  arm  is  parallel   connected  by  no  inductance  capacitors. The high  voltage arm capacitor  is  installed on  the high mechanical   strength movable metal base;the wheels on  the movable base are made of polyurethane material with  fixed brace.There are top  electrodes, which prevent  abnormal  flashover discharge when doing  switching  impulse test. 
4) HV arm capacitor has 8 stages, each stage  is 500kV 3200pF. 
5) Standard  lightning  impulse wave:     4000kV 
6) HV rated capacitance:   400pF 
7) Partial response time:  Tα≤150nS  
8) Over‐shoot:      β≤20% 
9) Scale factor uncertainty:   Kε≤±1% 
10) Voltage ratio: 1000:1  
11)There are  corona  cover  at  the  top of  generator,  corona  cover’s  cross profile  is  enough  for 4000kV  impulse wave output. 
12)Considering  the  transportation:  the  top  electrode  is  field‐installed.  The  material  is stainless steel tube.

HID 4000kV/400pF Impulse Voltage Divider HID 4000kV/400pF Impulse Voltage Divider

HID 4000kV/400pF Impulse Voltage Divider HID 4000kV/400pF Impulse Voltage Divider
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