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HID 700KV-400pF Weak Damping Capacitor Voltage Divider, Impulse Voltage Divider, Impulse Voltage Generator
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HID 700KV-400pF Weak Damping Capacitor Voltage Divider

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Mode: HID 700KV-400pF
1) Weak damping capacitive voltage divider is consisting of series connection multistage pulse capacitors.
2) Damping resistor is multistage distributed; the capacitor is non inductance structure,low voltage arm  is parallel connected by no inductance capacitors .
3) The high voltage arm capacitor is installed on the high mechanical
strength movable metal base; the wheels on the movable base are made of polyurethane material with fixed brace.  
4) HV arm capacitor has 2 stages, each stage is 350kV 800pF.
5) Standard lightning impulse wave: 700kV
6) HV rated capacitance: 400pF
7) Partial response time: Tα≤150nS 
8) Over-impulse: β≤20%
9) Scale factor uncertainty: Kε≤±1%
10) Voltage ratio: 1000:1
11) The square wave response characteristic meets the requirement of GB311 standard.
12) There are corona covers at the top of generator; corona cover’s cross profile is enough for 0.7MV impulse wave output.
13) Considering the transportation: the top electrode is field installed. The material is stainless steel tube.

Principle Diagram: 

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