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HCRS 500kV/25000kVAInductance Resonant Reactor
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HCRS 500kV/25000kVA Inductance Resonant Reactor

Lead time: 120 days

Mode: HCRS 500kV/25000kVA
Related Standards: 
IEC60-1《High Voltage Test Technique》
IEC1000《Electromagnetic Compatibility》
GB/T1094.10-2004《Sound Glass Measurement of Transformer and Reactor》
JB8749-1998《General Technique Requirement of Voltage Regulator》

500kV 25000kVA Inductance Resonant Reactor Layout Diagram: 
500kV25000kva Resonant Reactor layout

Technical Parameters: 
Cylinder type  Single phase
Two stages     Frequency:60Hz
Cooling: ONAN  Indoor use
Rated capacitance: 25000kVA  Rated voltage:500kV
Rated current:50A  Output voltage waveform deviation: ≤1.5%
Noise level: <75dB(at rated current)
Adjusting range for single-stage reactor inductance: 176.1~13.3HnF
Adjusting range for single-stage reactor load capacitance :40~531.4nF
Adjusting range for reactor inductance in series connection :352.2~26.5H
Adjusting range for reactor load capacitance in series connection:20~265.7nF
Partial discharge level: <2pC under 100% rated voltage  Cooling: ONAN
Over-current capability: working 300s under 110% IH (55A), no damage to reactor winding.
Over-voltage capability: working 60s under 110% UH(550kV), no damage to reactor insulation.
Working time and temperature: Allowed continue working under 100%UH and 100%IH , winding temperature raise not surpass 65K, oil temperature raise less than 55K System quality factor (Q): Q≥50
Function: has the function of over-voltage, over-current and test object flashover protection;
Structure: iron coil structure, user can change the reactance through adjusting open coil gaps, two epoxy tube, the steel bracket is made of stainless material in case of the reducing of quality factor which caused by eddy loss; pedestal has considered the heat which is caused by high-intensity magnetic field; the resonant system designation has considered the expand with heat and contract with cold of the oil.
- Internal structure:
①. 30-Q-130 Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel,
②. There are earthing baffle between winding and iron coil, the earthing is reliable.
③. We do many improment on the system; abandon some unreasonable structure and creat our new resonant. New variable inductance power frequency resonant reactor’s working life not less than 60 years.
④. The iron steel has been done the chip removing treatment. And then form a entirety with curing agent, which lower the noise; equip guide rail between adjustable iron coil and fixed iron coil, to make sure the iron coil move vertical or horizontal. We have been leader of the power frequency variable resonant system, moreover, we cooperate with famous university and research institute and improve ours quality continuously.
500kV25000kva Resonant Reactor 500kV25000kva Resonant Reactor

500kV25000kva Resonant Reactor 500kV25000kva Resonant Reactor

Principle Diagram: 

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