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HRC 300KV/15000pF Load Capacitor Resonant Capacitor
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HRC 300KV/15000pF Load Capacitor

Lead time: 30 days

Mode: HRC 300KV/15000pF
Frequency:50Hz                                   Dielectric Loss  <0.2%
Rated voltage: 300kV                          Cooling:ONAN
Rated capacity:15000pF                     Measuring Accuracy:≤±1%
Nominal Dividing Ratio:3000:1         Allowed Operating Time:1hour on, 1hour off.
Partial discharge level: ≤3pC, under 100% rate voltage
                                           ≤2pC, under 80% rate voltage
Insulation level: 1min under 330kV, no abnormal discharge phenomenon.
Indoor use.
Pedestal: has enough stability, removable; voltage is measured via special measuring lead-wire to variable frequency power source; can measure single stage and two stage serial connection voltage; HV connection adopt HV corona-free connection, scalable.
Structure: the capacitor with epoxy oil-paper insulation tube shell structure is selecting the material with small temperature coefficient. Base should be with sufficient stability, easy to dismantle, install and equipped with casters for easy mobility.

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