"Go Global" of Chinese Nuclear Power is at the Turning Point
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"Go Global" of Chinese Nuclear Power is at the Turning Point

From technical introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation to overseas transportation via borrowing, shipping in bulk and shipbuilding, Chinese nuclear power has become increasingly strong. As an important benchmark of strong China in nuclear power, "go global" strategy of nuclear power and relevant industries at present "stands" at the turning point.  

China has made great breakthroughs in European, South American and African nuclear power market since September. Some industrial insiders held that Bradwell B-project in England, export contract of Argentina V set and framework cooperation agreements with other countries indicated that "go global" strategy of Chinese nuclear power has made important achievements.

The global nuclear power has been revitalizing. The Chinese independent three-generation nuclear power technology faces both significant opportunities and fierce competition from its rivals worldwide.    

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) predicated that the installation capacity of nuclear power generation would increase at the 3-5% speed by 2030. According to the World Nuclear Association's statistics, the total investment will exceed $15 thousand billion.  

As for Chinese nuclear power, the turning point of "go global" has arrived, and how to seize good opportunities, build domestic demonstration project and forge overseas project benchmark is vital to its position in worldwide nuclear power pattern.