The 16th UHV Project of State Grid was Approved
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The 16th UHV Project of State Grid was Approved

The State Grid Cooperation of China is adding a new project -- Shanghai Miao town - Shandong province UHV DC power transmission project. On December 1st 2015, the project was officially approved by National Development and Reform Commission. 

UHV Project of State Grid

This project passes through 6 provinces (region), including Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shaanxi province, Shanxi province, Hebei province, Henan province and Shandong province.     

The length of newly-constructed DC line is 1238km; the conversion capacity will increase by 20,000,000KW; another two ±800kV converter stations (Shanghai Miao and Linyi) will be constructed; an enormous investment will go into the project, reaching ¥22.1 billion.       

It is the sixth approved UHV project for State Grid this year, marking the approval of Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Air Pollution "Four AC Four DC" UHV whole project.     

It is the first time that UHV DC project has been located in one of Chinese economic powers-Shandong province. This project is also the second ±800kV UHV project, whose transmission capacity reaches 10,000,000KW. Moreover, it is hierarchically connected to 500kV layer and 1000kV layer AC grid. The development of UHV power grid reaches a significant milestone.     

12 power transmission channels listed in the Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Air Pollution

Line                  Voltage Grade           Construction Progress
Ximeng — Shandong   1000kV      under construction    
Yuheng — Weifang         1000kV   under construction    
Huainan — Nanjing - Shanghai 1000kV     under construction    
Mengxi — Southern Tianjin         1000kV   under construction    
Shanghai Miao — Shandong ±800kV  in preparation     
Ximeng — Jiangsu                 ±800kV  in preparation    
Ningdong — Zhejiang            ±800kV   under construction    
Northern Shanxi — Jiangsu   ±800kV   under construction    
Suizhong Power Plant changes connection to North China Grid Company         500kV      in service    
Northern Shaaxi Shenmu — China Southern Power Grid Expansion in Hebei    500kV      in preparation    
Shanxi — Hebei500kVin preparation    Northwestern Yunnan— Guangdong     ±800kV    in preparation

The "Four AC Four DC" UHV project plans to newly construct 12,000km line. The power transformation (conversion) capacity targets140 million kilovolt-ampere. ¥173.7 billion will be invested.      
These eight projects will add over 70,000,000KW electricity to central and eastern region of China. They can reduce 180 million tons of coal, 140 thousand tons of smoke, 868 thousand tons of SO2, 917 thousand tons of NOx , 350 million tons of CO2, which facilitates the prevention and control of air pollution.      
So far, the State Grid has established "Three AC Four DC" UHV project. "Four AC Three DC" UHV project has been under construction. Moreover, "Two DC" UHV project has been approved. The length of above UHV line exceeds 25,000 km and power transformation (conversion) capacity surpasses 270 million kilovolt-ampere.