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Analysis of Prospects of Wire and Cable Industrial Development under the Background of Energy Internet

2016 still witnesses fast development of wire and cable industry. Quality is still the first priority in the industrial development. Faced with over-capacity in the whole industry, the "Belt and Road" Initiative and going out of Chinese equipment strategy will bring new opportunities for wire and cable industry. The whole wire and cable industry needs to persist in improving the quality. 
cable & wire analysis
At present, market environment is good and quality of domestic steel and metal materials further improved. Over the past ten years, about 1 billion yuan has been spent in purchasing special equipment in the cable industry. Steel and metal material account for a large proportion.     

Under the trend of energy internet, the role of wire and cable cannot be minimized. To be simple, energy internet combines the internet with renewable resources such as wind power and solar power to realize energy sharing. While the wire and cable play an important role in the manufacturing industry. The production value per annual year has exceeded 12 thousand billion yuan. The wire and cable belong to the kind of product which can transfer some energies such as electric power and realize the conversion of electromagnetic energy. The wire and cable industry takes full use of opportunities that internet and strategy bring to improve the efficiency and realize intelligent production.     
Energy internet not only further promotes the development of wire and cable industry, but also brings some challenges. In terms of development trend, energy internet can reduce energy prices and also localize energy production. Hence, wire and cable industry must innovate boldly, take initiatives to explore and avoid disadvantages as much as possible brought about by the development of energy internet.