On Site Impulse Voltage Test
HIVG 2400kV/240kJ Impulse Voltage Generator for On-site Testing
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HIVG 2400kV/240kJ Impulse Voltage Generator for On-site Testing

Lead time: 120 days

Mode: HIVG 2400kV/240kJ
System Parameter:
1)     Rated Voltage:                        ±2400kV
2)     Rated stage voltage:              ±200kV, Each two-three stages form a modules; overall 5modules.
3)     Rated charging voltage:        ±200kV
4)     Rated energy:                          240kJ
5)     Each stage impulse capacitor: 1.0μF/200kV
6)     Stages:                                    12 stages
7)     Stage energy:                          20kJ
8)     Impulse voltage waveform parameter:
a)     Standard lightning impulse voltage full-wave: 1.2±30%ms /50±20%ms, Amplitude: ±3%, oscillation at peak value less than 5% of
b)     Standard switching impulse wave: 250±20%ms /2500±60%ms
c)     On-site lightning impulse (10-45nF load) T1 ≤8μS; Peak value:1340kV
d)     On-site switching impulse (10-45nF load) 250±20%ms /2500±60%ms
e)     Lightning impulse Oscillation Wave (10-45nF): Tp≤15μS
f)      Switching impulse Oscillation Wave (10-45nF) 150uS≤Tp≤1000us
g)     This two impulse voltage waveform parameter and deviation meet the requirement of IEC 60070, IEC60, GB311 and GB16927.
9)     Minimum output voltage efficiency Standard lightning impulse voltage full-wave≥90% (load less than 1000pF) Standard lightning
impulse voltage full-wave≥85% (Load less than 3000pF) Standard switching impulse wave≥70% (Load less than 3000pF) Standard
switching impulse wave≥55~60% (Load less than 45nF) Shockwave efficiency ≥110 %
10)  Synchronous range: stage voltage is between 10%~100% of rated voltage.
11)  Synchronous discharge out of control rate <5% (Within the range: 10%~100% of rated voltage )
12)  Sparking range: 10%-100%Un
13)  Generator inductance: ≤60uH
14)  Minimum output voltage: ≥10% rated voltage.
15)  Charging voltage instability <±1.0%
16)  Charging time: 10~190s (adjustable.)
17)  Deviation between charging voltage and reference voltage  <±1.0%
18)  Working time: when voltage above than 70% rated voltage, the systems can continuous working each 120s (charging and
discharging). When the voltage is below 70% of rated voltage, the system the system can continuous working (charging and discharging).
19)  Under Maximum charging voltage, minimum discharge time not less than 60s.
20)  The generator will has not more than 4modules, the container for the modules will not less than 7mx2.5mx2.5m. The whole system
will need 3container.
21)  Generator already consider the rain-proof, humidity-proof, shake-proof. The generator and divider equip rain-proof device, when rain
coming at testing, the device can be placed in very short time.
22)  Generator height: 12000m
23)  Generator weight: 11500kg

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