On-Site Transformer Test System
1000KV Transformer Partial Discharge Test System
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1000KV Transformer Partial Discharge Test System

Used for 1000KV/1000MVA UHV transformer on-site PD and induced voltage measurement.
System Configuration:
1) HVF 450KW PD-free Variable frequency power supply  2sets
  Output in parallel connection: 900KW
  Input: 380V, three phase
  Output: 0~350V, single phase
  Output frequency: 20~300Hz
2) HET 800KVA/200KV PD-free Exciter Transformer  1set
  Input: 2*350/400/450V
  Output: 0~200KV
  Rated frequency: 100~300Hz
3) HCR 2500KVA/100KV PD-free Compensation Reactor 1set
PD test, series-resonant test, induce voltage withstand test, grounding test, and transformer loss test, or individually used as high-power mid-frequency signal source
Main Feature: 
1) All PD and induced voltage withstand test of 1000kV UHV & 750kV EHV transformers, and DC converter transformers in China are completed with the PD-free VF 
2) Power Supplies provided by Haiwo Science & Technology
3) PD-free VF Power Supply--output power 5kW~1350kW, pure sine wave with less than 1% distortion, and merely PD level less than 5pC
4) Parallel compensation method adopted as mid-frequency power generator set
5) Smaller starting current, lighter, and noise level lower compared to power generator set; self-exciting over-voltage avoided
6) Linear amplifier matrix composed by power transistors; with switching components not used, the power supplies avoid high-frequency harmonics and provide pure 
7) sine wave with less than 1% distortion and 5pC PD level
8) ABB, phoenix, Sanyo, ODU, Suzuki high-quality components applied
9) Multi-protection: over voltage/current, arcing, zero protection, and so on
10) Multi-tap exciter transformer for different voltage level transformer test
11) Multi-tap inductor installed on the anti-eddy-current base, equipped on the test truck for convenient test
12) Conform to the PD standards IEC 60076-3 & GB 1094.3-2003

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