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CTT-500kV Cable Test Termination,Deionized water terminal
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CTT-500kV Cable Test Termination

Lead time: 60 days

Mode: CTT-500
One pair
Un rated voltage (KV): 500 r.m.s
PD level (Un, pC): <2
UI rated impulse voltage (KV): Negative polarity: 1300
Max. dimension of power cable (include insulation layer, mm): 133
Power: 220V/20A, 50/60Hz
Max. cooling capacitance (KW): 60
Water capacitance (I): 500
Max. temperature (℃): 60
Max. pressure (atm): 4
Electric conductivity range (us/cm): 0.1-2
Max. ambient temperature (℃): 35
Min. ambient temperature (℃): 3
Max. cooling water temperature (℃): 20
Min. cooling water flow velocity (I/min): 45
Connecting water pipe (in): 1
Water pipe head (in): 3/4
Dimension (mm): 1200*1400*1700
Weight (not include water, kg): 272
Terminal tilt angle: 40°
Dimension (L*W, mm): 4000*1200
Cable mounting height (mm): 1500
Terminal mounting height (mm):4200
Min HV insulation distance (mm): 2300
Terminal weight (two sets together, kg): 450

Principle Diagram: 

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