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HDD-1600kV/5mA HVDC Divider
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HDD-1600kV/5mA HVDC Divider

Lead time: 40 days

Mode: HDD-1600kV/5mA
Main technical parameter :
Rated voltage:1600kV
Resistane of resistance arm:3200MΩ
Divider current: 5mA
Voltage ratio: 10000/1 measuring test object’s voltage
Accuracy of voltage measuring:1% (Supply National Calibrating Certificate)
Response time: not bigger than 0.1ms, measuring under two different voltage ratio.
Divider’s voltage ratio indeterminacy less than 1%.

Structure: 1600kV DC resistance voltage divider, the measured DC output voltage is displayed on LCD panel; oil-filled, External insulation is made of epoxy insulation tube, low leakage current and partial discharge. HV terminal has corona ring. Divider equips with universal wheel and lifting jack. HV arm resistor is divider into internal and external two group. External group is grading resistor. LV arm and connecting terminal has rain-proof, dust-proof, rust-proof protection electrical contact well.

Principle Diagram: 

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