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Advantages of Serial Resonant Power Source Applied in the Electric Power System and Product Characteristics
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Advantages of Serial Resonant Power Source Applied in the Electric Power System and Product Characteristics


I. Advantages of Serial Resonant Power Source Applied in the Electric Power System
1.Largely decrease required power source capacity. Series resonance power source utilizes resonance reactor and capacitance resonance of test object to generate high voltage and current. In the whole system, power source only needs to provide power for active power consumption. Thereby, the power source that the test needs is only 1/Q of test capacity.

2. Greatly reduce the weight and volume of equipment. In the series resonance power source, heavy voltage-regulation equipment with high power and common power frequency test transformer with high power can be spared. What's more, resonant exciting power source only needs 1/Q of test capacity, resulting in great reduction in weight and volume. Generally speaking, it is 1/3–1/5 of common test equipment.    

3. Improve the waveform of output voltage . Resonant power source is resonant filter circuit, which can improve the waveform distortion of output voltage, obtain excellent sine waveform and effectively prevent harmonic peak from puncturing test objects in error.

4. Deter high short-circuit current from burning fault points. In the series resonance condition, when the breakdown of insulation weakness of test object occurs, the circuit detunes and circuit current reduces into 1/Q of normal test current immediately. However, when withstand voltage test is conducted via series resonance or test transformer, breakdown current rises ten times in a minute. In comparison, there is a hundredfold difference in breakdown current. Therefore, series resonance not only effectively detects insulation weaknesses, but also is free of hidden trouble - burning fault points due to high short-circuit current.

5. Restoring over-voltage will never occur. When the breakdown of test object occurs, because of losing resonant condition, high voltage also disappears and the arc extinguishes immediately. In addition, it takes longer time to rebuild restoring over-voltage. It is highly possible that the power source cuts off before reaching flashover voltage again. The restoring process of this voltage is an energy-accumulating interval oscillation process. Its process is long and restoring over-voltage will never occur.

II. Introductions to Main Characteristics of Product

1.Frequency and power components adopt most advanced components of high quality imported from Japan;

2. Make full use of available resources and independently develop, design and produce all components of this equipment: variable-frequency power supply, exciting transformer, high-voltage reactor, capacitive compensator and high-precision capacitive voltage divider;

3.Be equipped with a variety of functions, such as full-automatic (automatic tuning + automatic voltage rise), full-manual (manual tuning + manual voltage rise) and half-automatic (automatic tuning + manual voltage rise and manual tuning + automatic voltage rise) and can be combined at will;  

4.Be equipped with settings, such as test voltage, voltage-raising time, alarming current setting, alarming voltage setting, frequency range and initial voltage;  

5.Be equipped with discharge protection. When the flashover occurs or the resonance circuit suddenly detunes because of other reasons, the variable -frequency power source cuts off the output automatically and displays the protection type and flashover voltage value;  

6.Display relevant information such as output voltage, output frequency, voltage-raising, and protection action type etc; the voltage reduces to zero at the moment of test completion;

7.LCD platform, touch screen and data storage  

8.Summary of technology characteristics
8.1 Advanced digital and power technology
Power components adopt newest IPM launched overseas, which combines drive, protection with power conversion, greatly improving the reliability of the whole equipment and reducing the volume and weight.
8.2 Perfect protection function
Over-voltage protection: the protection value can be set, action time<1 MS; Double protection of over-current and overheat: combine component self-protection and software protection, action time <10 microsecond;
Flashover protection: action time<1 MS and record the value of flashover voltage;
Zero position protection: start at zero voltage.
8.3 Unique four work modes
Manual test: search for resonance point and raise the voltage to the required voltage by hand; automatic timing begins after pressing "automatic timing" button;
Automatic test: according to the setting, automatically search for resonant point, after raising the voltage to the required voltage, automatic timing begins ;  
Automatic tuning and manual voltage raising: after automatically searching for resonant point based on the setting, raise the voltage to the required voltage value; automatic timing begins after pressing the button.
Manual tuning and automatic voltage rising: search for resonant point by hand, automatic timing begins after automatic voltage raising.
8.4 Friendly human-machine interface (HMI)
Exclusive DSP platform, data storage with great capacity, LCD display; assist you to analyze problems which may occur during the protect action through various information; be able to store test data of 200 times; display frequency-voltage waveform during the tuning process; set the sweep range within the regulated range at will and the direction can be up and down for your convenience; as for the test object (such as generator), frequency and inductance modulation technology is adopted; the inductance value of reactor can be adjusted based on test requirement and hold-down gear can ensure the reduction of the reactor noise.    
8.5 Unique structure design
Both access and output of frequency power supply control cabinet adopt peg graft and screw. These two methods are safe, convenient, reliable and delicate;
The reactor adopts unique epoxy pouring technologies; damp-proof & quake-proof.  
It features a beautiful appearance. The whole color and appearance are designed by professionals.