Resonant Test System
Causes of Series Resonance Transformer Faults and Methods to Exclude
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Causes of Series Resonance Transformer Faults and Methods to Exclude


1. The fan cannot be activated.  
Forgetting to press the "fault reset" button after emergency stop, fault protection and detuning protection;
High internal temperature and overheat protection of power components;  
Method to Exclude: turn off the power supply of the instrument and keep the equipment for about 30minstewing; then restart the power supply and press the "reset" button on the panel in order to activate the equipment.  

2. Not be able to complete automatic tuning and cannot find resonance point.
(1) Phenomenon: tuning curve is a completely straight line. The equipment reminds that there is no resonance point after the completion of tuning.
Cause: the circuit is not well grounded; test circuit connection is incorrect; some instrument breaks.
Method to Eliminate: to inspect whether the grounding equipment is reliable and whether there is cut-off point for earth wires;
to inspect on-off of high and low voltage coils of exciting transformer;
on-off of each reactor;
on-off of signal wires of voltage divider;
on-off of high and low voltage capacitive arm of voltage divider;
to inspect whether there is resonance point when the voltage of equipment rises;
and also on-off of compensation capacitor.
(2) Phenomenon: tuning curve is a curve and has low peak.
During the test, primary voltage is very high but high voltage is relatively low; even before rising to the test voltage, primary voltage has reached rated voltage and the circuit reduces the voltage automatically;  
Cause: the reactor does not match with the capacitance of test object; the resonant point cannot be correctly found;
the loss of test object is very high while the system Q value is too low;
the voltage outputted by exciting transformer is too low.
Method to eliminate: connect compensation capacitor to test circuit in parallel and raise the circuit capacitance;
connect reactors as many as possible in series to improve the circuit inductance; improve the output voltage of exciting transformer; deal with test object in dry manner to improve insulation intensity of test object and reduce the active loss of the circuit.