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SECRI  is founded in 1957 and originally as a class of national ministries and commissions directly under the research unit. It is the unique research origination which contain cable research and development, engineering design, test, informationof convention service and industry work. SECRI has almost 400 employee which include one Chinese academy of engineering, more than 80senior engineer and professor level senior engineer. It is a strong comprehensive strength team of national team in the power industry. After our state carry out technology management constitution reform, SECRI conversion as science and technology enterprises and directly under Shanghai SASAC.

Since founded we adhere to scientific and technological innovation and finish more than 800 items scientific research and design projects(until 2007), most achievement reached advance domestic level ,some of this fill the gap and some reach or near the international advance level. Among them, more than 200 won the national, provincial science and technology achievement awards and more than 60 have been authorized or processing of patented. The utility ratio of scientific and technological achievement is average of 70% ,many of the major scientific and technological achievements have create a new industry to lead and facilitate the development and technological process of China’s cable industry or for the major national construction projects make a significant contribution.
Technical superiority and talent advantages led to the development of the hi-tech industry and so far we have invested more than a dozen high-tech enterprise

SECRI in 1999 passed the ISO9000 series of quality assurance system certification and military product quality assurance system certification, ensure a high level of scientific research results into good quality of products and have a higher share of marker, it has made an outstanding contribution for China’s civilian and defense industry.