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Shanghai Electric Tool Research Institute (SETRI) is a scientific enterprise directly under The State –owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai. Before 1999, it was a science & technology development organization of the Ministry of Machinery Industry (MMI), P. R. China. Its predecessor, Shanghai Testing Station of MMI Electrical Apparatus Research Institute, was established in 1955. In the past over 50 years since its establishment, SETRI has undertaken a lot of R&D projects assigned by the state, ministry, province and municipal government. It has gotten nearly 800 achievements, in which more than 140 achievements have been granted The Science & Technology Awards by the state, ministry, province and municipal government respectively. A great number of scientific and technological achievements were turned into products and has made contributions to technical progress of this industry.
SETRI is certified as an enterprise of high and new technology in Shanghai and is awarded as the model unit of Shanghai and national machinery industry.

SETRI had been authorized to be a national technical center for electric tools, appliance switches and electro-technical measuring & testing apparatus and equipment for nearly 50 years. It also undertakes the domestic management IEC/SC23J and C.I.S.P.R.F. At present, SETRI has an high-tech industrialization base consisted of Shanghai Baotong General Electrical Co. Ltd and Shanghai Songbao Scientific Development Co. Ltd. , Shanghai Testing and Inspection Institute for electrical appliance(National testing and inspection center for electric tools), and Shanghai Electro-technical Exchange Center etc. It also has a R&D departments named Scientific Technology Development Center, which engages in the research of fundamental technology for electric tools development, testing techniques, critical processes and materials, equipment & components, accessories for electric tools, and development of intellectualization tool integrating mechanism, motor and control techniques, testing techniques & instruments, critical processes and equipment, etc.
SETRI’s headquarter is located at the intersection of Baoqing road and Huaihai(M) road. High-tech industrialization base is located at the Shihudang town of Songjiang district, Shanghai. Shanghai Electro-technical Exchange Center lies in the Caohejing high-tech district, Shanghai. China National Electric Tool Association, Chinese Technical Committee of Standardization on Electric Tool, Chinese Sub-Technical Committee of Standardization on Appliance Switches, China National Electric Tool Productivity Center, China National Export Product Service Center for Electric Tools, the Electro-technical Measurement Commission of China National Electro-technical Society are located at the headquarter.

SETRI has been gradually converted into a comprehensive high-tech enterprise with scientific research, manufacture, testing and inspection, certification, consultant as main business, having multi-functions and multi-operations as academy exchange, rental of hotel and offices, etc.