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HFC 100kW Frequency Converter
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HFC 100kW Frequency Converter

Lead time: 45days

Mode: HFC 100kW
1) Rated input voltage: 380V±15% (three phase); 60Hz
2) Rated output power: 100kW
3) Rated output voltage: single phase, 0-350V continuous adjustable
4) Rated input current: 152A
5) Rated output current: 286A
6) Output waveform: sin wave
7) Output voltage instability: ≤1.0%
8) Output voltage stability: UN±1%
9) Output voltage frequency stability: f0±0.01%
10) Frequency adjusting range: 30Hz~300Hz
11) Frequency adjusting sensitivity: ≤0.1Hz, output frequency instability ≤0.05%
12) Insulation level: input,output terminal to ground ≥2kV/AC/1min
13) Cooling type: forced air cooling
14) Sound level ≤60dB
15) Partial discharge level: ≤5pC
16) Temperature raise: bridge arm temperature raise <40K, electric circuit temperature <40K, main circuit hottest point <50K;
17) Working time: continuous working 60min under rated output capacitance;
18) Frequency adjust within setting range, voltage output stable.
19) Variable frequency power source and control cabinet, voltage divider and control cabinet are connected by optical cable, making sure no damage to control cabinet when test object breakdown.
20) Main body is separated from control, display, protection parts. Main body and protection are in one.
21) Display is in one (separate). Control and display are portable.
22) Variable frequency power source has the ability of anti antielectromagnetic interference. Under high field interference, Its measuring accuracy and control protection can meet requirement.
It equips with excellent magnetic shielding component. All lead wire are made of high permeability magnetic alloy , no space radiation. 

HFC 100kW Frequency Converter, Frequency Resonant System HFC 100kW Frequency Converter, Frequency Resonant System

HFC 100kW Frequency Converter, Frequency Resonant System HFC 100kW Frequency Converter, Frequency Resonant System
Variable frequency power source control cabinet: 
1) Equips starting, stop and emergency switch - off button;
2) Equips raise voltage and reduce voltage rough adjustment and fine control button(voltage raise and down speed are settable);
3) Equips frequency rough adjustment and fine control button (Adjusting speed is settable);
4) Cooling fan direction automatically selection;
5) Automatic and manual test selection (Auto tune, automatic raise and reduce voltage);
6) Equip test methods auto selection function, automatic test methods: setting test voltage, test time, auto tune --- auto raise voltage -- auto constant voltage and timing --- auto reduce voltage.
7) Manual test methods also has the selection of auto tune and auto timing;
8) Equips output voltage, over-voltage protection and over-current protection setting value adjusting function;
9) Equips testing time setting function, time setting range:0-99min, timing accuracy±0.1second, end of setting time has sound reminding.

Principle Diagram: 


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