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HCL 2796 Transformer Turn Ratio Meter, Power Transformer
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HCL2796 Transformer Turn Ratio Meter (Single phase)

Lead time: 30 days

Mode: HCL 2796
HCL2796 transformer turn ratio meter is special designed for power transformer (single phase & three phases) and instrument transformer testing, suitable for testing in substation, transformer manufacturer, meter manufacturer. It helps to detect faulty transformer winding and tap changer position. It’s fully automatic device, can recognizes winding connection and vector group number of transformer winding. The user only need connect measuring cable and press start button and come out the test result.
Transformer ratio changing reason
Deteriorated insulation
Physical damage
Shipping damage
If the deviation of transformer ratio and its rated turn ratio more than 0.5, its may not operate reliably. To measure small ratio changes, we need high quality accuracy turn ratio meter HCL2796.

HCL 2796  Transformer Turn Ratio Meter, Power Transformer HCL 2796  Transformer Turn Ratio Meter, Power Transformer

HCL 2796  Transformer Turn Ratio Meter, Power Transformer HCL 2796  Transformer Turn Ratio Meter, Power Transformer

Single and three phase transformer testing.
Instrument transformer testing.
Can test phase winding ratio, error, tap position and tap value automatically.
Fast testing speed (7s is enough)
Automatic self-calibration for each test
Can measure Z type transformer
The test data is stored in device and checkable anytime.
Thermal strip printer
Safety protection proofs any damage to operating staff.
Can be used as inspection purposes to determine the no-load accuracy and potentially faulty of CT and PT.

Test Cells: 
Power supply
Voltage: 220V±20%
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Measurement range and accuracy
Ratio test range:0.9-9999
Accuracy: (0.9-2000) ± (0.1%+2character)
                  (2000-5000) ± (0.2%+2character)
                  (5000-9999) ± (0.3%+2character)
Resolution: 1x10-4
Excitation voltage: 10V and 160V
Power dissipation: less than 100W
Dimension and weight
Dimension (LxWxH)(mm): 250x190x130
Weight: 5kg
Warranty: one year.

Testing cable(red) - Testing cable(green) - Testing cable(yellow) - Three core power line -  Grounding line(with clamp) - Printing paper - Insurance tube [Left to right sequency]
System is housed in a rugged, lightweight, waterproof case.

Testing cable red Testing cable green Testing cable yellow Three cell power line grounding line  Printing paper Insurance tube

The ratio meter give a warning of 'over voltage' when testing the ratio. What can be the problem?
The instrument is OK.
The reason may be: high voltage and low volatge was connected reverse. It can cause "over voltage".
The solution is: reset the testing cable,transformer HV side connect A,B,C terminal on instrument LV side connect a,b,c terminal on instrument.

packaging of HCL2796 Turn Ratio Meter

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