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HSW Steep Wave Voltage Divider
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HSW Steep Wave Voltage Divider (Fast Response)

Lead time: 30 days

HSW-600 Steep Wave Device

Main Parameter
Nominal voltage: ±600kV
600kV Quick Response Resistance Voltage Divider can meet with steepness range of (1000~3000)kV/ms, overshoot is adjustable
High voltage arm resistance: approx 2kΩ
HV Arm Resistance: 2000Ω;
LV Arm Resistance: 5Ω;
2 matching resistor: 70Ω and 75Ω;
Voltage Ratio:1000:1
response time < 5ns
Stability time of step response : Ta≤100ns
Uncertainty of scaling factor: Kε<1.0%
Overshoot of partial step: b ≤ 20%

Single stage with one low voltage arm resistor .
It is removable with a grading ring on the top .

Steep Voltage Divider Principle Diagram:
Steep Voltage Divider

Steep Voltage Divider in Impulse Voltage Test System:

Steep Voltage Divider

Steep Voltage Divider square-wave source waveform:
Steep Voltage Divider

Steep Voltage Divider square-wave response waveform:(Rectangle method)
Steep Voltage Divider

Question 1:
When the steep front impulse voltage test, which divider will User use?
Answer: for Insulator imulse test, there is requirment of steep front impulse test; when do steep impulse test, we should move the impulse voltage divider, and connect the steep voltage divider in parallel woth the test object. We should use the steep voltage divider. But the impulse voltage divider should also be a configuration in the impulse test system, as User will need it when standard lightning impulse 1.2/50us or standard switching impulse 250/2500us waveform testing & measuring.  

Question 2:
How the get the steepness on the insulator when impulse voltage testing?
Answer: According to IEC/ANSI/IEEE, normally there are three differents kind of steepness requirement e.g. 1000kV/us, 1500kV/us, 2500kV/us; the porcelain insulator has a higher requirement on the steepness. So normally when user need to test porcelain insulator, we will proposal a higher voltage impulse generator then composit insulator or glass insulator. 
   The steepness has a positive corelation with the test voltage; and a negative corelation with the impulse steep front time. 
   But we can not raise the impulse voltage infinite, as the impulse generator output voltage also limit by the output efficiency. The other way to raise the steepness is shorten the impulse front time. 

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