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Lightning Surge Test System

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The HLSG lightning surge test system is composed of lightning surge generator, control system and coupling de-couping internet module. It provides an effective method for electromagnetic compatibility anti-interference test.

Applied Standards:
GB/T17626.5 Electromagnetic Compatibility - Testing and Measurement Techniques - Surge Immunity Test; IEC 61000-4-5 Electromagnetic Compatibility; ANSI(IEEE) C62.41 Guide on the Surge Environment in Low-Voltage (1000 V and Less) AC Power Circuits

Industrial equipment, power meters, LV instruments, electric components, electric tools, communication transmission, information and technology equipment etc.

1.High-contrast color touch screen
2.Write the test program directly and quickly to realize intelligent operation
3.Built-in correction factor for users to calibrate the instrument
4.Use imported HV power supply so the voltage output is stable and the voltage accuracy is up to 5%
5.Modular design, free combination of generator module and coupling de-couping internet

Working Conditions:
Temperature: 15℃ ~ 35℃
Relative humidity: 25% ~ 75%
Pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa
Test results should not be influenced by the electromagnetic conditions of lab.
The grounding resistance of earth wire should be less than 4Ω.

Technical Specifications:
Output waveform: μs combination wave
Open-circuit voltage
Front time: 1.2μs±30%
Half-peak time: 50μs±20%
Voltage peak: 0 ~ 6600V±10%
Short-circuit current
Front time: 8μs±20%
Half-peak time: 20μs±20%
Current peak: 0 ~ 3300A±10%
Output polarity: positive / negative / alternative
Phase injection mode: async / sync (most four items)
Phase injection adjustment: 0°~ 359° continuous
Effective output impedance: 2Ω
No. of surges: 1 ~ 999
Interval: 6 ~ 999s
Supply power: 220VAC±10% 50/60Hz
Size: 485mm(W)×545mm(D)×195mm(H) (19”4U)

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