Three-Phase Protection Relay Test Set
Three-Phase Protection Relay Test Set
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Three-Phase Protection Relay Test Set

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Protection relay test sets play a critical role in the safety and reliability of electric transmission and distribution systems. The Himalayal three-phase protection relay tester provides the required accuracy and performance to test any electro-mechanical, static or numerical relay. The tester comes with big screen LCD display and convenient mouse controller. It can run with or without the computer. Being small and accurate, the tester combines advantages of large testers with those of small testers including flexibility, easy to use and high reliability.                         

1. Transmission and distribution system
2. Protection relays, electro-mechanical/static/numerical relays
3. Current and voltage transformer ratio tests
4. Others

Main Features:
1.Meet all the requirements of field tests. The tester has standard 4-phase voltage, 3-phase current output, AC voltage 125V/phase, AC current 40A/phase. It can be used to conduct the tests for all traditional kinds of relays and protective devices.    
2.All technical indicators fully reach the standard DL/T624-1997: Technical Specifications of Test Equipment Based on Micro-computer for Relaying Protection.
3.Classic Windows XP operating interface; friendly man-machine interface, easy and fast to operate; High-performance embedded IPC and 8.4-inch 800*600 TFT color screen, which can provide rich and direct information.
4.The Windows XP system comes with the restoring function to avoid system crashes caused by inappropriate shutdown or malfunction etc.
5. Equipped with ultra-thin industrial keyboard and optical mouse.  
6.The main control panel is DSP + FPGA structure and16 bit DAC output. It can generate high-density sine wave 2000 points each circle to fundamental wave, which greatly improves the wave quality and the accuracy of the test instrument.
7.Using high-fidelity linear amplifier. Both to ensure the accuracy of a low current, but also guarantee the stability of the high current.
8. Directly connected with PC through USB interface without any adapter cable.
9. With a separate DC auxiliary voltage source, output voltage 110V(1A),220V(0.6A), specially for relays or protective devices which need DC power.
10. Equipped with software self-calibrating function, greatly improving the stability of the accuracy.    

Technical Specifications :
1.AC current source
Current range: 0~40A/phase  accuracy 0.2% ±5mA  
6-phase parallel output: 0-120A/phase
Phase current working value for allowed long time: 10A
Maximum output power: 420VA/phase
Maximum output power of 6 phases in parallel: 1000VA
Maximum permitted work time of 6 phases in parallel: 10s
Frequency range: 0~1000Hz  accuracy: 0.01Hz
Harmonic time: 2~20  phase: 0--360°  accuracy: 0.1°

2.DC current source
Current range: 0-20A/phase  power: 300VA/phase  accuracy:0.2%  ±5mA

3.AC voltage source
Phase voltage output: 6x( 0~125V)/phase, accuracy: 0.2%  ±5mA
Line voltage output: 0~250V
Phase voltage / Line voltage output power: 75VA / 100VA
Frequency range: 0~1000Hz  accuracy: 0.001Hz
Harmonic time: 2~20; phase: 0--360°; accuracy: 0.1°

4.DC voltage source
Phase voltage output range: 0~±150V  accuracy: 0.2%  ±5mA
Line voltage output range: 0~±300V
Phase voltage / Line voltage output power: 90VA / 180VA

5.Switch terminal
Switch input terminals: 8 pairs
Dead contact: 1-20mA, 24V active output inside the device
Potential flip: 0--6V DC low level
                   15-250V DC high level
Switch output terminals: 4 pairs, dead contact, rupturing capacity: 110V/2A, 220V/1A

Time range: 1ms-9999s; accuracy: 1ms
Dimension: 460 (mm)×250(mm)×580(mm)
Weight: 27Kg
Power: AC220V±10%  50Hz  10A

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