Three Phase
HCL 2796F Turn Ratio Meter
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HCL2796F Turn Ratio Meter

Lead time: 30 days

Performance Features

1.    Test range: up to 0.9~10000;

2.      Fast test speed: three phases test can be completed within 11 seconds;

3.      Applicable to test of transformers with connection type of CT, PT, CVT and Z;

4.      Ratio and group blind test function;

5.      Internal multiple short-circuit measurement modes, facilitating fault judgment;

6.      Time and data display without power failure; 480-set data storage; no data loss in case of power off;

7.      Large screen color LCD display with legible data; printed with thermal printer; RS485 communication interface and U disk storage interface;

8.      High-low voltage reverse-connection protection function; transformer short circuit turn-to-turn fault protection function; power misconnection to 380V protection function;

HCL 2796F Turn Ratio Meter HCL 2796F Turn Ratio Meter

HCL 2796F Turn Ratio Meter HCL 2796F Turn Ratio Meter


Display digits5
Output voltageAC 160VAC 10V
Measuring range0.9-100000.9-150
Degree of accuracy<500±0.1%≤150±0.3%
Minimum resolution0.0001
Test data storage480 sets
Working powerAC 220 V ±10%,50/60 Hz ±1 Hz
Working temperature-20~40 degree cent.
Relative humidity≤80%, non-condensing
VolumeLxWxH:  355mm × 270mm× 170mm
Net weight5.6 kg
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