Non-Loads and Loads Characteristic Tester
HCL7804 Tranformer Non Load and Load Characteristic Tester
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HCL7804 (50A) Tranformer Non Load and Load Characteristic Tester

Lead time: 30 days

Technical index

1.       Voltage measurement scope: AC 10~1000V

2 .      Current measurement scope: AC 0.1 ~50 A

3 .      Measurement accuracy: 

           Voltage: 0.1%±0.005V (frequency 40~70Hz)

                            0.5%±0.005V (frequency 70~200Hz)

          Current: 0.1%±0.0002A (frequency 40~70Hz)

                           0.5%±0.0002A (frequency 70~200Hz)

           Power: P×0.1%± (U×I×0.02%) ±0.05W

          (P is power factor, U is reading of voltage effective value, I is reading of current effective value)

4 .      Working power supply: AC220V±10%, 50/60 Hz

5 .      Working temperature: -20~40 Degree C.

6 .      Relative humidity: ≤80%RH  no dewing

7 .      Volume: 360×360×200mm

8 .      Weight: 12kg

9.       Packaging Details: Wooden Package

Trasformer Non-Load and Load Characteristic Tester  Trasformer Non-Load and Load Characteristic Tester

Trasformer Non-Load and Load Characteristic Tester  Trasformer Non-Load and Load Characteristic Tester

Function characteristics:

1)     Measure no load loss, load loss, average value of voltage effective value, current effective value, impedance voltage, zero sequence impedance, power factor, harmonic and frequency etc parameters.

2)     With three voltage testing channels and three independent current testing channels, which are in accordance with three phase power testing.

3)     Meet with power measurement of the non-metallic alloy and large power transformer etc testing product with low power factor.

4)     Automatically trap and accurately lock testing data.

5)     Compare to similar foreign instrument, measurement scope can be switched automatically within whole current testing scope; it is not necessary to replace the current measurement module.

6)     Input transformer parameter, synchronously display conversion data.

7)     Suitable to power measurement of the motor and air fan etc at same time.

8)     Meet with voltage and current measurement of 150Hz and 200Hz induction voltage withstand test.

9)     Harmonic analysis function.

10)   8.0 inch colourful liquid crystal display screen, intelligent touching control technology and operation is simple.

11)   The instrument has data storage, export of U disc, data printing and computer control function.

Test Method:

1.Single-phase no-load test

Single-phase no-load tests are usually used to measure the no-load loss and current percentage of single-phase transformers.Also it can be used for three-phase transformer phase by phase test (It is mainly used to detect whether there is single-phase fault in the tested transformer.) This method is also needed in the case of no three-phase power supply.

Phase-A voltage and current of the instrument are used to test in the single-phase no-load test. As shown in the Figure 1, a single-phase power supply serves as test power; the live line is connected with phase-A current positive terminal; the coarse line of pair of yellow pliers is connected with negative terminal of phase-A current terminal while its thin line connected with phase-A voltage terminal Ua; the coarse line of pair of red pliers is directly connected with zero line of test power and thin line connected with phase-B voltage terminal Ub; two pairs of pliers are respectively clamped to two wiring columns at the low-voltage side. Open circuit at high voltage side.

No-load test of single phase transformer

2.Three-phase no-load test

The three-phase voltage regulator acts as test power supply; connect output terminal of the voltage regulator with the tester’s current positive terminal; respectively connect coarse line of three pairs of test pliers to negative terminal while thin line to voltage terminal of the tester according to the color. Three pairs of test pliers are clamped to wiring columns at the LV side - pair of yellow pliersconnected with phase-A column, Green pliers connected with phase-B column and Red pliers connected with phase-C column. Open circuit at high voltage side.

Three phase no-load test wiring

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