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HCL-Voltage Surge Simulator

1.Measure the withstand voltage capability of components, sockets, plugs, cables and other devices
2. Test the security of audio, video and similar electronic devices
3. Measure the instantaneous overvoltage capability of the protection relay
4. Others

HCL Series Instrument Brief:
1. HCL series instruments include: HCL 1200 (0.5KV-12KV), HCL 2000 (0.5KV-20KV)
2. The internal resistance of the instrument satisfies 0.5KΩ
3. The instrument meets the requirements of fully automatic test

> 5.7-inch color touch screen front panel operation
> Ultra-small simulator up to 20kV
> Built-in error alarm prompt function in the system
> LAN Ethernet interface for remote control
> Fully meet the requirements of relevant anti-interference test for enterprises, institutions and testing institutions

General Parameters:                                                      
Display screen: 5.7" TFT touch screen
Working power range: AC 110V/220V ±10%, 50/60Hz ± 5%
Fuse: 6A
Maximum power consumption: 200W
Communication mode: Ethernet LAN, RJ45
Auxiliary interface: D-sub 25p
External trigger input: BNC, 5V TTL
CRO trigger output: BNC, 5V TTL
Run control input: BNC, 5V TTL
Warning light output: 0-220V AC, 10A / 0-48V DC 3A (The power supply depends on the type of external signal light.)
Failure detection: The front panel LCD displays and the instrument is interrupted.
Instrument working status Instruction: Front panel LED indication, LCD display
Instrument ground connection: use flat grounding wire
Chassis size: 19 inches / 4U / 6U (depend on the specific model)
Instrument weight: about 15Kg/30Kg
Temperature: 15-35°C
Humidity range: 45% - 75%
Air pressure range: 86kPa – 106kPa

Main Technical Parameters:                                                  
Test voltage range: 12KV, 20 KV ± 10% (special voltage level can be customized)
Voltage waveform
Wave front time: 1.2μs±30%.
Half peak time: 50μs ± 20%
Generator internal resistance: 0.5KΩ
Breakdown alarm current: 300mA-1200mA
Output polarity: positive, negative, alternate
Pulse period: 5s-99s
Trigger mode: auto, manual, external trigger
Number of test: 1-10000 times

Random Standard:                                                          
Host 1 unit, manual, test report, test line, power line, fuse

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