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AC PD test system
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AC PD test system (AC Dielectric testing + Partial Discharge testing)

1HCTT Serial AC Dielectric Test Transformer1set
2TYDZ Serial Voltage Regulator1set
3HVF Serial AC Voltage Divider1set
4HDR Serial Damping Resistor1set
5pV2 Serial AC Peak Voltmeter1set
6AC 2000 Manual Control System or ACS 2010 Automatic Control System1set
7HIT Serial Isoaltion Transformer (Option)1set
8Partial Discharge Tester HCL2010 / HCL 2010-M1set

If regulator capacity within 15kVA (Maxmum 20kVA), we will try to equip it inside of the control system cabinet.
* If need equip wheels, please kind remind our sales. Normally for system within 200kV, we can fix transformer + damping resistor + divider on the same movable base.  


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Principle Diagram

Partial Discharge Test System:

Himalayal supply HCL2010 digital  partial discharge tester  and HCL2010-M manual partial discharge tester for user selection. 

Photo gallary:
hcl 2010-m pd tester hcl2010-m pd tester