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HIVG Serial Impulse Voltage Generator
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Impulse Voltage Generator + HV Divider

1HIVG Serial Impulse Voltage Generator1set
2HCA Serial Charging Appratus1set
3HID Serial Weak Damped Capacitive Impulse Voltage Divider1set
4HCG Serial Multiple Chopping Gap or Sphere Gap1set
5Steep Wave Voltage Divider & Steep Wave Device1set
6Glaninger Circuit1set
7Overshoot Compensation1set
8Current Shunt1set
9HCS 2010 Automatic Control System1set
10Digital Measuring System (Via Oscilloscope  or Acquisition Card)1set

Related Standard:
* IEC 60060-1-2010 High-voltage test techniques - Part 1: General definitions and test requirements    
* IEC 60060-2-2010 High-voltage test techniques. Part 2: Measuring systems    
* IEC 61083-1-2001 Instruments and software used for measurement in high-voltage impulse tests - Part 1: Requirements for instruments    
* IEC 61083-2-1996 Digital recorders for measurements in high-voltage tests - Part 2: Evaluation of software


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Principle Diagram

Impulse Generator with External Wave-Head Resistor